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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 18

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, January 23, 2017   29,238   7,980   2



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With the death of Heo Joon Jae's Father and the possibility of Kang Seo Hee stealing away the family inheritance, viewers across the globe are stunned that she is (so far) getting away with it! However, episode 18 of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' really put a hole in my suspicions as some characters played an unexpected role in comparison to what we were lead to believe.

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I think we can agree that this drama is a bit more realistic with their violence - especially with Lee Min Ho's physical outbursts against Chi Hyun. Yet I find it funny that no matter how many punches Lee Min Ho throws, Chi Hyun's face still looks pretty. Eh.

Kang Seo Hee is quite the actress (loving the acting within acting phenomenon) as she cries outside her husband's hospital room. I was waiting for Lee Min Ho (since rage is when his best acting) to punch her next - but she gets served in the end.

When you gotta slap some sense into your drunk friend.

Once again Shim Cheong continues to steal the show and her powers are really put to great use. Cornering Kang Seo Hee in the bathroom, after she was pimped slapped by Heo Joon Jae's mom, and reading her past memories was absolutely dope! With that information, she cracked the case right open and got the evidence needed to convict Kang Seo Hee. 

Thank goodness, because of the fact that Kang Seo Hee was able to convince the police to not go through with the autopsy and even begin preparations for the funeral so quickly, everything seemed to be in her favor.

I love role reversals like this! So cute!

Surprisingly, 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' continued to surprise me in many delightful ways. Maybe it is just me, but I was not expecting a romance to spark between Cha Si Ah and Tae Oh! The romance is minimal and late in the game but it is refreshing and makes my heart flutter to know she finds some sort of comfort in the end!

Hot damn can Nam Doo be any more suspicious??? The way he looks and talks to Shim Cheong is just making me anxious. I don't want him to become a bad guy... but things aren't looking too good- especially after that whole conversation about backstabbing. He seems to be doing more things in secret and trying to corner Shim Cheong here and there. He wants her secret revealed and appears to go to any length to do it. Even by siding with the enemy.

In the end, I was completely torn seeing Nam Doo hit Heo Joon Jae in the back of his head with a bat! Like....  my God! I am still speechless! I thought I would've enjoyed witnessing this plot twist but it made me cringe. Nam Doo seemed so apologetic, in a fake, shallow sort of way, but still poisons Heo Joon Jae with the same medicine that killed his father.

Then, Kang Seo Hee, who suddenly looks like a cheap rebel, appears to reveal she did kill Heo Joon Jae's and that's when the tables truly turned! It was a setup - the entire time!! The police, including Nam Doo, were setting up Kang Seo Hee and her son and recording the whole "confession." 

Then it is revealed in the past that Nam Doo, in fact, found revenge against Ma Dae Young and Kang Seo Hee. Despite the past being a bit misconstrued and portraying Nam Doo as a villain, he was a true friend in the end! What a relief.

Still, the past repeats itself quite accurately and the death of our favorite leads is just around the corner - literally. In a fit of rage and despair, Chi Hyun reaches for the cop's gun and successfully obtains and aims at Heo Joon Jae. But, without hesitation, Shim Cheong dives in and takes the fatal bullet in the backside of her heart! 

The moment the gun was drawn I saw this scene coming but was begging it wouldn't happen. The credits roll up as my tears roll down. Seriously, Heo Joon Jae lost everything he loves in just one episode! What kind of horrible life is this?! Medics are on the way but I doubt any amount of mermaid strength, and human medicine, will save her. Is this the bitter end? 

The drama is really escalating the plot quickly and it adds to the melodramatic performance. Although the secondary characters' seem to be putting on a better show, altogether the drama is ending quite nicely.




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WhitePInkRose Tuesday, January 24, 2017


chekas1292 Monday, January 23, 2017

Author is really loving this drama haha, this is the first time I have read such a subjective review. Ep. 18 was indeed a great episode. Just wait for ep. 19. It's just as good.. :D

The End



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