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19+ rating scene from 'Inside Men' lights up the big screen at awards show

By KpopJoA   Friday, January 6, 2017   31,008   1,402   5



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Broadcasted on December 29, the '2016 Star's Night- Republic of Korea Top Star Awards Ceremony' was held at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom in Seoul.  

Present at the ceremony was actor Lee Kyung Young ready to receive his award for best supporting actor in the politically enticing film, 'Inside Men.'

However, as the actor was walking up to the stage, a rather unexpected situation rattled the media.  Blown up on the big screen was an explicit scene where the actor was naked and mixing drinks.  

Actor Lee Kyung Young had to take part in some obscene scenes for the film, playing the role of a greedy congressman, Jang Pil Woo.   

Some netizens criticized, "Despite the nudity, Inside Men contained some memorable scenes, so why show this particular vulgar scene?"  While others mentioned, "It's quite obvious what kind of response they will get from inserting this clip, I really don't see the reason behind this."

Based on Yoon Tae Ho's webtoon, 'Inside Men' stars Lee Byung Hun and revolves around a dark politically driven story of a wealthy, presidential candidate as well as the various point of views from the press and other political figures, drawing millions of viewers to theaters upon release.

Whether it was done by mistake or purposely to entertain, watch the footage below and decide for yourselves. The footage occurs around the 1:19:45 mark.

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abdalminator Friday, January 6, 2017

the footage editor should have been fired

iknowuknow Friday, January 6, 2017

I think it's rather disrespectful showing that footage during an award. And I think it's done on purpose. Lee Kyung Young was involved in a sex scandal involving minor in 2002, after 4 years he was found NOT guilty. But he was the center of media attention and he received soooo much backlashes. He was on the blacklist of casting in Korea, and he pretty much disappeared from the screen, until 2005 he appeared in an indie film. I think today a lot of people in Korea still think he should be prosecuted. So I'm guessing the person who compiles movie footage for the award is probably one of them.

Blackskies Friday, January 6, 2017

I really takes away from the moment the actor should have had. Sure, viewers will remember that Lee Kyung Young won this award, but it really kinda steals his win. Nude means a completely different thing from where I'm from so him shirtless and a shot of his leg isn't shocking to me, but to the Korean viewers is would obviously be something that they weren't expecting during a ceremony like this. The producers of the show probably needed something that people would talk about tbh

CharliesOrange Blackskies Friday, January 6, 2017

I agree on the part that it can be shocking in Korea, but "It REALLY takes away from the mmnt the actor should have", I think you're a bit overreacting ....

Blackskies CharliesOrange Friday, January 6, 2017

Okay -.-

The End



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