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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 4

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, November 29, 2016   23,395   80,062   2



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'The Legend of The Blue Sea' continues to impress me, and viewers, each and every time as the episodes and the characters both transform from something boring and predictable to more attention-grabbing and comical.

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How can someone look so hot even in traditional clothing?  

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun finally meet in an aquarium in Seoul! Despite being quite silent (God knows why) I was happy that they were together.

However, even though Jun Ji Hyun is oddly refusing to reveal the truth, if Lee Min Ho keeps acting pushy, their love will go nowhere. But what do you expect to happen when a mermaid erases your memory? Props to Lee Min Ho for keeping a dose of realism in this circumstance.

I utterly adore how coy Jun Ji Hyun continues to be towards Lee Min Ho. Not only coy but also in awe of Lee Min Ho during the cheesiest of moments that feel more hilarious than cringeworthy as of late. Yes, I'm definitely referencing her dazed and confused look when Lee Min Ho pulls her in tightly at the Han river.

Speaking of silly behavior, I can't get over her raw emotions and characteristics. Like that of a child, Jun Ji Hyun doesn't hold back in displaying gluttony, jealousy or naivete. I just enjoy seeing her glare at Cha Si Ha, a fellow colleague of Lee Min Ho at KAIST. Talk about competition! 

The meanest side eye of 2016.

Still, no matter what Lee Min Ho does, she is completely fazed by him and I love how happy she feels when she is given a name by him - Shim Cheong. Although done in pure mockery (Shim Cheong means 'complete stupidity' according to translations), she proudly owns it.

While this episode did a lot more digging into Lee Min Ho's past, I want to see more about his mother's. 

They show her being a housemaid for Cha Si Ha's family yet never dive deeper into why she ran away or how she found herself there to begin with! Her husband and Lee Min Ho's father, Heo Gil Joong, is still alive, working as a rich conglomerate and living with his stepmother Ahn Jin Joo.

While predictable (and I'm hoping it goes somewhere good with this), it turns out this woman is only in it for the money. Ahn Jin Joo thought she did everything in her power to erase Lee Min Ho's mother as well as Lee Min Ho from his father's life but he suddenly starts seeking out his wife and children. The drama strings together the fact that each of the family members is suddenly reminiscing about one another frequently.

But consider it terrible timing for Ahn Jin Joo as this is during the time that Heo Gil Joong must decide upon the heir to his wealth. Is there something that happened during the Joseon period that will reveal a similar split up situation involving money? 

It is wise to keep an eye on each character and who they were in the past because even if their style or positions don't match, their demeanor and personalities are still intact.

Thank God we live in the age of dental hygiene...

Now, because of his malicious stepmother, this really perturbing man is following Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun around and is revealed to be a cold-blooded murderer. What struck me was the fact that I had no idea he was the devious nobleman from the past until he eerily smiled upon facing Jun Ji Hyun towards the end. Now would be a perfect time to use that mermaid strength, girl!

Aside from all the out-of-the-blue action, I am hoping to see more intimacy between Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun soon. Their characters are from two different worlds, both personality-wise and literally, so it makes for a great dynamic to see develop over time. The drama is doing the right thing in keeping our romantic feels at bay by distracting us with murders, car chases and investigations!

Aside from the action packed scenes, I live for Jun Ji Hyun's expressions!

Due to this, the drama won me over 100% despite its crash landing of a start. 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' is finally picking up the pace and creating some unexpected action that keeps viewers' attention constantly rather than here and there, and I speak for everyone when I say we are eagerly awaiting episode 4 and what is to come between the murderer and the mermaid!






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marthalj Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I like it very much so far, I've  never thought of Lee Minho as a good actor but in here he's doing a good job.

MeniNova Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This drama is very boring.

The End



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