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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 3

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, November 28, 2016   30,059   11,853   6



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Get ready to be blown out of the water as 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' did a complete 180 degree turn in the right direction and impressed with episode 3!

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Can't smell my breath down here!

Although the previous episodes had little to no build up and paved the way for an undesirable plot, the underwater romance switched gears and created a storyline that is less cheesy (romantically) and a lot more action packed. We left off with Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun diving off a cliff and suddenly engaging in an deep sea kiss - but it wasn't all just for show.

The director of this drama is playing around with the concept of a mermaid quite well, as a lot of unique powers and 'facts' are incorporated into Jun Ji Hyun's character. It doesn't stop at the super natural strength; mermaids also have the ability to erase people's memories with one kiss! Corny - but brilliant!

Even handsome as a teeny bopper!

I finally feel that the transitions between the past and present are correlating well. It wasn't as effective before as the two worlds felt quite separated, but now they marry together nicely as it showcases both characters being destined to love each other. From childhood to their early teens, you can see Lee Min Ho (as Kim Dam Ryeong in the past) and Jun Ji Hyun (as Se Hwa) growing up side by side, often showing Lee Min Ho offering the mermaid gifts from the land.

While their relationship remained a well-kept secret, eventually Lee Min Ho was found a suitor due to his nobility and set to marry. This is when it gets good. Jun Ji Hyun, being sad, dives back into the water in hopes that Lee Min Ho will forget her and be happy. 

However, unable to let her go, he mounts his horse and attempts to drown himself in the sea in hopes to see her again. As expected, she arrives but kisses him! It seems to be a recurring theme throughout their love line - but will this present era be the time where they will finally come together?

Jun Ji Hyun's time on land is actually hilarious this time around. Her 'weird' acting actually becomes believable as she imitates what she sees hilariously. I just love that she tries mugging a kindergartener after seeing high schoolers do it to other students! 

Luckily the girl had her 'mom-card' and was kind enough to buy her lunch so Jun Ji Hyun wouldn't have to go all cannibal and eat fish cakes from the street vendor!

I don't know if viewers notice it yet, but this drama is packed with a lot of advice in the dialogue. The conversation between Jun Ji Hyun and the little girl is eye opening as the girl says, "My mom works hard to make money so we can be happy." Jun Ji Hyun replies, "When do you start being happy?" with the girl responding, "Much later." I love dramas with subtle moral value sprinkled here and there. It makes every encounter memorable throughout the show!

Probably how I'd look picking my kids up from school!

Anyway, revealing the backstory of Lee Min Ho was the most impactful part of this drama, hands down. His Joseon Era self fuels a lot more interesting moments in the storyline as it shows that they didn't just meet on that fateful moonlit night. 

However, I'm still waiting for more information on his present self. Even his flashbacks as a kid are shrouded in mystery, especially regarding his mother's disappearance. Doing it for the ratings, I guess.

It is great to see that his mom is alive and she is right under his nose the whole time! While his mother has a mysterious air to her, I feel she will be involved in one huge conflict that will force Lee Min Ho to choose between his mother or Jun Ji Hyun. Just a hunch.

My only other problem is in regards to his present self, yet again. Although they don't reveal as of yet just how he came to start swindling people and where he picked up 'magic,' it is getting cooler and cooler the more he uses it. The scene where he tricks the Jang Jin Ok, the madam of Myeongdong Capital, into seeing her son hanging from a ledge and being unable to pull him up was intense.

Lee Min Ho seems to exhibit a soft spot for getting even and serving up justice time and again. Call this situation 'killing two birds with one stone' or not, Lee Min Ho was able to stop the relentless hunt for his head as well as having Jang Jin Ok drop her lawsuit against a grieving family whose son committed suicide allegedly because of Jang Jin Ok's son.

With episode 3 ending on a great cliffhanger (no, not literally this time), Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun are finally reunited in Seoul and viewers can only wonder how much more suspense will be built up in this intriguing storyline and if their romance is meant to be. Until episode 4, we will have to just keep swimming.






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shyloone Monday, November 28, 2016

One day you will get a women to act with Jinyoung instead of 13 an 14 year old girls

mypcy Monday, November 28, 2016

I don't know why but she seem to be a bipolar mermaid. Tbh I like the scenes from the past better idk why but they are just... better. I'm not saying the present is not but I'm more interest and intrigued by the past more.

GirlyTurtle Monday, November 28, 2016

Jinyoung's my bias, but I actually really liked the kiss scene.  I thought it was done well, although I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that he had to kiss someone 8 years younger than him.

ahgase88 Monday, November 28, 2016

i love jinyoung so much it hurts to watch my ub kiss someone lol

LovelySerenity Monday, November 28, 2016

I fell in love with Jinyoung after watching this episode. The teenage romance was a highlight.

LovelySerenity Monday, November 28, 2016

Fell in love for the second time, haha*

The End



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