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Choi Hwa Jung ruthlessly interrogates Cosmic Girls about the addition of Yoo Yeon Jung

By alim17   Friday, September 2, 2016   33,316   1,437   17



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Cosmic Girls appeared on SBS's 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' on September 2 and talked about the latest addition of Yoo Yeon Jung, who got into project group IOI first.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung said to Yoo Yeon Jung, "Cosmic Girls was originally 12 members, but now it has 13.  How does it feel to be a new addition?" and she replied, "Firstly, it's really nice that I now get to debut with members who are secure," alluding to the fact that IOI is a project group that will disband eventually.  She continued, "More than anything, the response is good and a lot of people are listening to and loving our new song, so I am enjoying the promotions."

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The DJ said, "Is that so?  How boring," asking for a response that's less generic.  Exy then said, "We personally liked the news so, so much when we heard that Yoo Yeon Jung will be joining us.  Her voice provides a sound that the group did not have thus far, and we had run toward the same dream with Yoo Yeon Jung since our training days, so we were happy to hear she was a new member.  We only thought that we would have to do well together in the future."

Choi Hwa Jung did not give up, continuously trying to get new and different answers, so in the end, Luda said, "There was no sense of anything being different, but considering we did increase by one, it's gotten noisy.  Yoo Yeon Jung is bright and talkative. It's gotten noisier since Yoo Yeon Jung joined."

The DJ looked pleased at the final answer, making everyone laugh.

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nami_chan Saturday, September 3, 2016

to be honest I think their new songs are better and that's all thanks to yeunjung

SugarFree Friday, September 2, 2016

The IOI members who went back to their own agencies look happier when they're with their permanent groups, so it's not a bad thing at all. The only people mad are those who are deluded and want IOI to last forever because they don't have a group or a good agency to go back to.

3percenter SugarFree Sunday, September 11, 2016

Maybe before the IOI unit started kicking ass on the charts and winning on music shows. No doubt they are loyal to their original groups, but considering that Gugudan, DIA, and Cosmic Girls have nowhere near the popularity and recognition of IOI, I'm sure Sejeong, Mina, Chaeyeon, and Yeunjung would rather be standing with IOI, trophies and flowers in hand. Plus Sejeong and Yeunjung are utterly wasted in their groups.

SugarFree 3percenter Sunday, September 11, 2016

You realise IOI will disband in a few months, right? Being in those groups ensures they have a future, and if you think debut songs are the be-all and end-all of all groups then you are sadly mistaken. They look happier because they're with friends they have trained with for years rather than girls they've competed against in a hyper intensified situation over the space of a few months. Yeonjung's vocals stand out flawlessly in WJSN's song while not taking too much away from the other girls. Starship got this one right.

3percenter SugarFree Sunday, September 11, 2016

IOI's short lifespan is EXACTLY why it is important for all 11 members to use it to their maximum advantage. Starship added Yeunjung to Cosmic Girls after-the-fact - simply because she succeeded in making the IOI cut. But promoting with CG instead of IOI sure as hell doesn't help Yeunjung. CG will be there later... IOI won't. The assfaces at Starship should have allowed her to enjoy the fruits of her IOI labors and share the spotlight and achievements IOI is racking up. But instead they robbed her of it so they could use her IOI recognition for their own benefit, and it still didn't help. So in the end Yeunjung is left with nothing.

SugarFree 3percenter Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm personally glad Yeonjung didn't have to slut it up for Whatta Man. When she was with IOI she was constantly mistreated anyway. YMC edited her out of everything, Somi stans would send her hate because the Crush music video wasn't 100% Somi, her managers yelled at her in public. If I were Yeonjung I'd be glad to get a break from that shit.

3percenter SugarFree Sunday, September 11, 2016

Are you a fucking 3rd grader with Sesame Street as your standard of comparison? "Slut it up?" Anyway, at least there is more full team IOI promotions coming up for YJ to take part in. One thing I agree with you on, and makes me want to beat someone, is how shitty Yeunjung has been treated by nearly everyone. That is a disgrace shared by YMC and Starship management assholes and all little shitbird knetz giving her grief. She may not be the damn Korean hive drone ideal type, but I think YJ is very pretty and super adorable. She is one of a minority who hasn't had any cosmetic surgery, so I guess that counts against her. I hope she doesn't ever get any... she's just fine the way she is. Plus the scumbags ripping her forget she is still just 17... a kid for heavens sake. Ultimately I'd love to see her as a solo artist that can focus on being an amazing vocalist I think her talent would be more appreciated if she didn't have to constantly be compared to 11 or 12 other girls. Look, I just want to see YJ get the props she deserves, and right now it is IOI - and not CG - that could give that to her.

SugarFree 3percenter Sunday, September 11, 2016

But IOI don't give her any props for all the reasons listed above. IOI in itself is incredibly problematic because since the Produce 101 days, everyone was told to pick and vote for their favourite girl. Not for the group, but for the girl. And that led to akgae fans who will send hate to any other group that isn't IOI and this will continue after the group ends and they all redebut elsewhere. They'll only care about their favourites. Yeonjung, being in 11th place and being the only 1 from her place was always the easiest target. The only thing different is that she got more hate while she was in IOI than she has out of it, which is all kinds of fucked up. Starship saved her.

3percenter SugarFree Monday, September 12, 2016

The only reason YJ is even known (enough to even get so much undeserved crap) is because of IOI. If she had just debuted with CG as normal, she would have been simply 1 of 13 and probably one of the lesser or unknown members. Sometimes negative attention is better than no attention. Thanks to IOI and the opportunity YJ had to show her talent, she is has far more potential to succeed and shine than if she had not had the P101/IOI opportunity. So far none of the original groups with IOI members (Gugudan, DIA, and CG) who have promoted recently has been able to reach the success level of the IOI unit.

Songriyen Friday, September 2, 2016

The DJ is annoying as hell, I would have ignored her.

nami_chan Songriyen Saturday, September 3, 2016


Riaa726 Friday, September 2, 2016

I liked their music since the start but LOVE secret, but the mc just wanted a scoop lol she tried

Winston Friday, September 2, 2016

If the group had planned for YYJ to return from Produce 101 in the first place, i wont say much, but it debut with 12 members and they have many explanations why it is 12 members, and what the 12 number signify, (like the members all are both in different months, which makes it 12 different months in a calendar year, and 12 members which signify the 12 star signs. But the point is Starship must have thought that Cosmic Girl wasnt getting attention from their debut song Momomo and since YYJ was the only Starship trainee who got into the final 11 of produce 101, and a member of IOI, they wanted her in to boost the group's popularity, which indirectly also mean that without her the group isnt popular. Despite being the new member in Cosmic Girl, YYJ probably attended more variety shows and events as IOI and Produce 101, than any of the Cosmic Girl members. Making her more recognized on the group than the leader or main vocal or others. This is unlike SM adding Yerin to RV to make it Five members, as the % share among 12 girls is already very small since Momomo didnt sell over 100,000 copies, and now they have to divide it by 13 instead and have their song parts assigned to YYJ as main vocal, and their parts which is already in SECONDS will be further reduced to maybe 11 seconds or 15 seconds, making them as useful as a backup dancer who speaks. To be Honest rather than adding YYJ to make Cosmic Girls 13, it would be wiser to take 4 girls from Cosmic Girls and add YYJ in to form a sub-unit and promote. it will give YYJ greater focus and yet bring some attention to the 4 girls from Cosmic Girls, as they will have more lines than the 1/12 part being in the main group.

iceman24 Winston Sunday, September 4, 2016

great analysis, you'll become a genius ceo that will sell 10 million copies per album

Leila_ssss Friday, September 2, 2016

Luda was probably getting annoyed with the conversation XD as a Pisces myself, I get pretty annoyed if someone keeps pestering about something for a long time. It was probably already loud without Yeonjung.

Soulbrother Friday, September 2, 2016

Yeun Jung is fire, Luda knew this and was clever to bring her on girl spirit. I just hope they let her shine and not bury her among all those girls. I hope she's the Main now because she should be.

Soulbrother Friday, September 2, 2016

Dawon I mean.... uh ha

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