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[Drama Review] 'Doctors' - Episode 19

By eric_r_wirsing   Tuesday, August 23, 2016   11,273   1,102   0



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Now for our next feature, Disney's 'Kubu.'

Seo Woo finds out about her dad's medical malpractice from Soon Hee, but refuses to accept it. That night, Seo Woo asks Young Guk to do something inappropriate, so he rests her head gently on his shoulder. The next morning, Tae Ho tells Ji Hong they need to hurry and expose the corruption before the geriatric center starts construction. Seo Woo pleads with Yoon Do not to mess with her father. Seo Woo pockets the recording of Hye Jung threatening to kill Myeong Hoon. Talking to Hye Jung, she is informed that our heroine's crusade is based on her father's disregard for Grandma's life. The prosecutors arrest Chairman Jin for embezzlement and other financial crimes, and he tells his son to blame everything on him.  Seo Woo hashes things out with Hye Jung. Ji Hong gets a hold of the recording and uses it as leverage to remain a surgeon. Hye Jung announces her intent to quit and be free of Myeong Hoon. The VP bails his dad out, but a family dinner at home reveals that Myeong Hoon is losing grip in his hands. This is due to tumors that can only be removed by top surgeon Ji Hong. A fear of an overdose ends up with Myeong Hoon in the OR...

The fall of Myeong Hoon was pretty heavy-handed, since just last episode he had the upper hand. Not only that, they tried to poop on him as much as humanly possible. Dad's in jail, he's a wreck, he's sick, and they suspect he overdosed on sleep medication. Which was all really too much to handle, since they're zooming in more on the characters and pulling away from the medical part of it.  I mean, really, about the only thing they didn't do is have him stand by the window and put him in crosshairs (watch -- that's next). I was hoping for a more gradual decline, but as the show is wrapping up they needed to handle it this way. It prevents us from being bored, at least.

That's the egg timer for an ostrich egg

I have to say I like how some things are shaking out. I want Seo Woo to be friends with Hye Jung. And I'm really glad Hye Jung didn't also take her down fury road as well. Seo Woo was a spoiled brat, but she didn't need that. I like how they handled her redemption, as well. I really enjoyed seeing this: once she pulled away from her father, she started becoming the girl that we liked for a brief time way back in the early episodes. There are some dramas where the redemption is forced, but we saw this developing a few episodes back.

I thought I'd take a moment and mention that the chemistry between everyone is seriously tight. I love how they gel as a unit to handle problems, and sometimes even the nurses throw their hats in the ring. The actors seem really comfortable with one another, even when they're supposed to act uncomfortable, they still do it without missing a beat. Whether they have to act lovey-dovey or having an argument, it's all quite convincing.

"Your X-rays showed a fractured skull, but we fixed it with Photoshop."

So now that the corruption angle has been dealt with, what are they going to do for the finale? It seems like everything's been taken care of, except a love interest for Yoon Do, and maybe some of the minor doctor subplots. Still, this show has consistently made me laugh and kept me on the edge of my seat, so I'm sure what awaits us is a suitably happy ending. Sit tight, my loyal readers. The last episode already aired and I should have a review up soon!




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