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Posted by jubilantj154 pts Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Terrible human being drags dog from back of car for nearly a mile


This is a video that will make you sick to your stomach and possibly chuck something at the wall in anger. A very disturbing video shows a level of animal cruelty that animal lovers wouldn't even want to imagine.

The clip shows a dog named Weol Yi, who was playing outside of its home after the leash had come loose. The person who found Weol Yi playing took the dog home, and when Weol Yi's rightful owners requested for Weol Yi's return, the terrible person only did so after dragging it 1.3km (~0.8 miles) behind a car. 

Weol Yi, who had open wounds after being bitten by the dog of the terrible person who had taken it home, is now even more gravely injured. 

The person that stole Weol Yi never apologized and instead attempted to compromise by telling Weol Yi's family to take his dog in Weol Yi's place. There is no word if Weol Yi's owners decided to press charges against the person.

WARNING (Disturbing Video and Graphic Images below)

Posted by ??-care on Monday, February 15, 2016

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