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[Concert Review] CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Los Angeles

By joy_k   Monday, January 27, 2014   25,806   954   42



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On January 24, CNBLUE heated up the Pasadena Civic Auditorium for the final US stop of their "CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour."

CNBLUE not only graces K-pop fans with quality rock tracks, but with impressive acting chops, philanthropy, and amazing visuals as well, it is no surprise that they are considered one of the top groups in Korea.  This was particularly evident by the mass number of American Boices that filled the auditorium with blue light-sticks and cheers even prior to the members taking stage. 

Once the members, Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin, and Minhyuk, took the stage, a new level of energy was reached and sustained throughout the two and a half hour set.  Particularly after the unexpected confetti shower at the beginning of the show. 

What I enjoyed most about their overall performance was that there were no unnecessary frills to take away from their music--everything from the stage set-up to their outfits were simplistic and casual, allowing fans to enjoy what they ultimately came for, the music experience.  Although, as a side note, I must say that the first few minutes of the concert, I was a little distracted with admiring how good-looking they were in person (especially Jungshin, who's not even my bias).  The members performed their hearts out with each track, running around stage and engaging with their fans--by the end of each track, you could see a new layer of sweat beads glisten on their faces. 

I really think my latter point is what made me enjoy CNBLUE's performance the most: the combination of their hard-working demeanor and service to their fans.  Prior to the concert, I expected the entire concert to be conducted in Korean, as YongHwa's famous, "is it my turn already?" led me to believe.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when members interacted with fans in English--even performing "Try Again, Smile Again" in English--which really demonstrated the effort CNBLUE puts into connecting with Boices world-wide. 

Overall, it is safe to say that Friday's performance led to me become an even bigger fan of CNBLUE. 

So, for those that missed the concert, here's...

The set list:


Where You Are

Get Away

One Time

Man Like Me

Coffee Shop

Have a Good Night

Wake Up

Love Light


These Days

Y, Why

Just Please


In My Head


I'm a Loner

I'm Sorry

Hey You (Encore)

Love Girl (Encore)

You've Fallen for Me (Encore)

Love (Encore)

Try Again, Smile Again (Encore)

A fan video (Jonghyun focus) of my favorite performance of the night, "Try Again, Smile Again":

Some behind the scenes footage of the members during the US leg of their tour for eye candy:

And last but not least, Yonghwa, just because :]


yiyikiki Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Right after they came out I had a moment of panic because I COULDN'T DECIDE WHO TO STARE AT. They are all amazing looking in person. Yonghwa is my bias but there's something about Jungshin in person...he like, glows. And his hair looks like some kind of fancy dessert. He played and danced but didn't get messy or sweaty...though Yonghwa being messy and sweaty was pretty hot. ;

The effort they put into their English was awesome and much appreciated. I just wanted to tell them what a good job they did. And of course, the music was awesome. They promised to be back soon and I can't wait!

jwalkinboice2pm Sunday, February 2, 2014

Omg you literally took the words out my mouth! I'm sure ive said this somewhere b4 but YES!You are so right. There's just something special about Jungshin when you see him in person. He's really handsome in person & seemed to glow on stage. They all did, like little angels lol. I saw them in Pasadena & I bought tickets for Jungshin's side because I knew my babe Yongie likes to come play w/him a lot during performances. Eventho they didn't let us run down the isle I did it anyway (& started the trend) during their en core performances. I'm telling you their is nothing like seeing them up close. Jungshin was really to cute >< He might just become my favorite lil maknae. I really appreciated the effort Yongshin put into communicating w/us in English. They should really become fluent because their accents were too adorbs 2 handle. Jonghyun seemed a lil down but overall: amazing concert. I've become addicted.

jelarakt Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Their concert in LA was amazing. ; They did not disappoint. ; I hope they come back to the US soon!! CN BLUE ROCKS!!!!!

siaisice Tuesday, January 28, 2014


zunnyh106 Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just an amazing concert! CNBLUE best band ever! LOVE you guys, fighting!!

calatheas Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It seems fans and cnblue enjoyed it much XD I'm a bit envious hahahaha But I'm happy for them all; it must be nice to know that 'you' are loved by so many people, that they sing your songs with you, that your hard work pays off after so much hardships. ;

I agree that their live-performances are awesome. They should do live albums, so that you have always the concert-feeling at home XD

lollollof Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your ;Youtube link is too biased. So I think you don't have serious attention ;cnblue and their' music and concert....

yongstarshine Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Please remove the Yong Hwa's english video.It is nothing to do with his musical career. He is serious musician, he came to perform concerts and fulfill his dreams.He is pleasant person and was making a joke that time. Many fans are disappointed by putting that video.I urging allkpop remove it again. By the way I attended NYC. and it was fantastic.

kixarih Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CN Blue is definitely amazing in concert ;D I saw them when they came to Australia and I was just blown away. Yonghwa is the hugest dork ever. 'I can't, I can't english...very well'

kpop1295 Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I was ice skating in Pasadena and when I came out, I found a door where the music was seeping out of and I just stood there listening to them perform like the last half of Love. I was blown... Their live sure is AMAZING. I just wish I had gotten tickets on the second level cuz Civic Auditorium second level actually isnt as far as Nokia :

jwalkinboice2pm Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wow how close was the ice skating rink? Lol yeah I was surprised at the layout of the Civic auditorium. It was really created well so that every seat had a great view. The isles were curved down on the first floor so that not too many ppl were standing directly in front of u blocking ur view.

cnbluex3 Tuesday, January 28, 2014

awww wish i could've gone to their NY concert, so sad I missed them :(

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