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Confessions of an Uncle Fan: The Series

By    Tuesday, April 9, 2013   44,439   54,789   0



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Welcome back to this week's edition of Confessions of an Uncle Fan. When we last saw our heroes, we were discussing the rise of Instagram as the preferred method of staying in touch with our favorite girl groupers, actress Anna Kendrick becoming indoctrinated into the world of K-pop, and the latest on all the dating scandals involving our favorite stars. As usual there's a lot of stuff to cover so without further ado...

Cool Things of the Week

IU's New Drama
I just started watching the new IU K-drama 'You're the Best Lee Soon Shin' and it has already become my favorite of the year. I'm a little late to the party with this and I'm surprised I never got into it earlier because anything starring IU, Yoo In Na, Son Tae Young, and the legendarily hot Lee Mi Sook is usually something I'm all over. After watching the first few episodes, I was thoroughly impressed with IU's acting as she's able to hold her own in a cast filled with seasoned veterans. Plus, it has all of the twists, turns, and tears that make dramas fun so I suggest you give it a try if you haven't already.

Like a Hollywood Love Story
A famous singer meets a genuinely nice, low key guy. They fall in love, get married, and are now about to start a new family together; reminds me of 'Notting Hill' without the British accents and crazy roommate. It really does sound like a Hollywood story but it's reality for Wonder Girls member Sun. Congratulations to her and her husband on the good news.


The Taeyeon Experiment

I'm going to feature a picture from Taeyeon's Instagram feed each week because A) when you have something good, you should share it with others and B) I have this hope that one day she'll post a picture of herself reading my column. Now, I understand that the likelihood of this happening is about as good as finding a unicorn dancing on a rainbow but a man needs dreams. In the off chance that this actually happens though, the meaning of my life will have been fulfilled and I will simply evaporate into the ether like Obi Wan did when he was lightsaber dueling Darth Vader in 'Star Wars Ep. 4' (old nerd reference).

Photo/.Gif/Video of the Week

I don't know who sent this to me because their name is in Chinese but since you were the first person to send the Uncle Fan a picture, your speed shall be rewarded.

Victoria was the comic relief on that Anna Kendrick meets f(x) video with one simple yet powerful line, "Do the cup".

*Send your favorite pics/.gifs/videos to or tweet them to @KpopUncleFan

Uncle Fan Mailbag

I typically don't read the comments because much like Pumbaa, I'm a sensitive soul though I may seem thick skinned... it's hard to keep up with all the insults. However, with this column, I think it's important to have an idea of what everyone's thinking and in the spirit of being more interactive I did a quick look and thought I would share a few.

Not what I meant. "At what age [are] people no longer allowed to enjoy K-pop? I bet for every person you ask you will get a different answer."

Many people complained that I alienated older fans when I said uncle fans creeped me out. To be clear, I wasn't referring to age but rather actions. You can be 100 years old and enjoy K-pop (I'm sure I'll be one of those old heads if I'm still around). I just think it's a little creepy when older men go to dance schools after work to learn girl group dances, collect pictures of girls 30 years younger than them, and send gifts and letters to girl group members. You can totally disagree with me on those opinions but I wasn't trying to say older people can't listen to K-pop.

This is fascinating. "Can you see if someone at AKP can make a series about confessions of a noona fan?"

Being a "nuna" or older sister fan seemed to be a a very hot topic among our readers and I didn't realize so many ladies felt this way about themselves. Maybe we can work in a female angle on some of the boy groups later on but I certainly learned something new.

I know but... "BoA & Lee Hi are not part of a girl group."

This column is mainly about female singers really... or female celebrities for that matter. No discriminating on my part so don't be shocked when I start spewing off on why Kim Yuna should have retired (although she's proving me dead wrong right now) or how Kim Hee Sun's new show makes her face look red all the time.

Top 5 Current Girl Groupers

Taeyeon - Still holding strong in the top spot with her regular pictorial updates and her general amazingness.
Woori - She was recently a guest on the 'God of Food Road' show she used to co-host with Jung Joon Ha and I forgot how much I liked watching her eat.
IU - Guess who's back, back again. IU's back, tell a friend... it's that new drama she's in. I'm just hooked.
15& - Caught the performance of their new song "Somebody" on 'Kpop Star 2' and I thought it was a catchy tune. Apparently most of Korea agreed because the song blew up the charts.
Minah/Hyeri - I read comments last week kind of mocking Girls Day, especially Minah, for trying too hard to get attention on variety shows. I agree that the members tend to go overboard at times but you can't fault them for that. They are a part of a very crowded and competitive industry and there's no guarantee you'll ever get face time with the public so when you're on national TV, like the girls were for the show 'This is Magic' this weekend, you go all out and do your best. Can't hate on someone for that.

Song of the Week:

As mentioned above, 15&'s new song "Somebody" is already a huge hit on the music charts and the music video looks just as good. The video parodies the 'Kpop Star' auditions as Park Jimin and Baek Yerin do their takes on the judges. The video also features appearances from past contestants and a heartbroken J.Y. Park who apparently didn't make the cut.

That's it for this week so TTFN; ta ta for now!

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