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Posted by AKP STAFF Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jay Park teases with English version of "Abandoned"


Jay Park's got a lot on his plate with his newly released album "Take a Deeper Look" and upcoming performance at the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, but he sat down to re-connect with his Youtube fans with a brand new teaser, revealing a snippet of the English version of "Abandoned"! "Abandoned," which was one of the main tracks on Jay's album, is originally recorded in Korean; however, Jay wrote an English version of his own that he never got around to recording. Check it out below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwvkU46jdmE

saw a lot of comments asking for the english version, never got to recording it but i actually wrote one so just lettin yall know incase ppl want to make covers!!! maybe i'll record it one day and put it on a mixtape or something~ haha TAKE A DEEPER LOOK twitter.com/jaybumaom facebook.com/jaypaom verse1 i remeber the day, when you said to me, baby i'm sorry but right that i just got to leave than i remember it seeing was you turn your back seeing you turn your back your lovely lovely back girl how could you do me like that/ you were my world you my other half/ you took my love and flushed it right down the drain/ now all im feelin is pain and now theres no way to save it why/ your the one who call it quits and than just walked away everytime i close my eyes i can just picture your cold face and the way u did me so wrong it was like no other pain i was madly in love with u but u were just playin games oh i'm usually the type to move on to the next one/ gone to the next one but girl you the best one/ got me twisted can't accept that you moved on/ girl where have you gone, whyd your feelings go lukewarm/ ; i know your so bad for me, im in pain but u just laugh at me its such a tragedy i want you back with me even though i know your bad for me/ you abdoned straight up like i was a warehouse/ so there are a couple of things that i wanted aired out you taking that love from me you dont even have the common courtesy to know that your hurtin me its so abserd to me baby how could u just get up and leave/
Teddy Riley also just posted a video featuring Jay Park in a past recording session, check out this behind-the-scenes footage below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHb3Fe5_o7g Jay Park's Youtube was actually suspended a few days ago due to some third party reasons, so this video was uploaded on a temporary second account, jaybumaom0425. Stay tuned for more on his album release and performance in Los Angeles this Saturday!

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