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How girl groups take care of their legs


Smooth legs have become the trademark for many girl groups, causing a necessity for proper care in order to stay in the limelight. The ladies of After School, 4minute, Rainbow, Nine Muses, Secret, and others, all emphasize their legs while promoting in the shortest shorts and miniskirts. It has now reached a point where the term "girl group" immediately brings up images of their slender legs. The obsession with showing off legs began with SNSD's big hit, Genie, effectively capturing the hearts of male fans. In the case of SNSD, their attractive legs became a kind of promotion point for them in even their Japanese debut, proving that it's strong enough to determine a group's success or failure. There's too much pressure behind exposing too much of the chest or any other parts of the body when taking in consideration the age groups of the majority of girl groups lately, and there's a calculative effect behind a line up of beautiful legs that's eye catching and attention grabbing. Girl groups now periodically visit the dermatologist and receive consultations in order to manage certain parts of their bodies. In the past, the most popular procedure done was liposuction around the face, but now a considerable amount of time and money is being invested in the legs. The main procedures used by girl groups today are PPC shots and radiofrequency ablation. PPC has been earning much popularity lately as a shot that melts away fat and is said to be often used by girl groups a week before their comeback date. Radiofrequency ablation is used frequently throughout a promotion cycle to loosen up the calf muscles, and in severe cases, to thin the muscles out. The director of dermatology at Imzine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Im Hasung, stated, "Usually before a comeback, girl groups come and get the PPC shot in the thighs and bottom area. They consistently come and get radiofrequency ablation treatment for their calves and other areas. There's also been an advancement in makeup such as shimmer that gives the legs a slimming effect." Of course, the average height of women has also been rising amongst the youth, so there are a lot of celebrities that are born with long, beautiful legs and don't require surgical procedures. A representative of one girl group's agency revealed, "Our group can promote in hot pants without needing any surgery. Our members have natural, pretty legs so we haven't come across a case where one needed surgery yet. Not only our girl group members, but I think this seems to be a trend amongst this generation. You can see auditions or even just normal people on the streets and notice a difference. Their legs are longer and skinnier compared to the past." S: Osen

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