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Wanna One confirmed to host 'SNL Korea'!

By harmony4377   14 days ago   14,886   5,545   0



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Wanna One will be hosting 'SNL Korea' real soon!

According to a representative from the show, "Wanna One will be hosting 'SNL Korea'. They will proceed with filming segments for the show this coming August 11, and we are planning on airing the show on August 12." 

The Wanna One boys are expected to make their debut on August 7, and many fans are eagerly awaiting their first debut performance. 

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xDanii 13 days ago

Jisung will kill me with his humor haha ♥

nymeria24 14 days ago

everything is in August... seems too far away

katherineYoo 13 days ago

Exactlyyyy. Ive been watching their old vids coz i miss them alrdyyy

fanny_fanny94 14 days ago

Hopefully they will do something like IOI dongsaeng skit or anything appropriate especially for the maknae line to act. Explicit content are absolutely no no no from me

HiDAYNRI 14 days ago

so we can see kang daniel's sexy dance again maybe? :)) or wanna one's 3 minute boyfriend :3

fxcx09 14 days ago

Should be interesting to see how this pans out. Hopefully nothing too explicit.

ThsDee 14 days ago

I was happy about this because the boys are so awkward when trying to be funny and following a script that I'm positive I'll laugh out loud. Now I'm little scared ... I hope ymc dont let any inappropiate thing happen.

L_catzzz 14 days ago

Wasn't there underage kid in the group? Are they sure to send them there?

fxcx09 L_catzzz 14 days ago

There are 5 underaged members out of 11 of them actually lol

veronicavivian L_catzzz 14 days ago

I was wondering this as well, to be honest. Those comedians better keep their hands to themselves. I'm worried the most for Daniel because he has the strongest sexy image in the group.

L_catzzz fxcx09 14 days ago

Ehhhhh....doesn't sounds to good to me. That show always have some kind of explicit scene. Do they really want to sexualize underage kids? (not that mnet or idol industry haven't done so)

gchoneybllushhh L_catzzz 14 days ago

Just like their beer commercial..I think those underage will not join

Kpoppy007 gchoneybllushhh 14 days ago

maybe you are right, only the hyung line will do the recording. It would suck but SNL Korea has a history of ...well, we all know

nymeria24 veronicavivian 14 days ago

yes, i think a lot of jokes about him grabbing his crotch in every dance is something they can do xD. I hope only the hyung line go

Silverline101 14 days ago

Don't make our boys do anything weird or inappropriate. Please don't. They will get all the backlash even if they are rookies and would have just been doing as they are told. YMC and SNL please take care that no issues arise from this so that Wannables can enjoy the show in peace.

siriusp 14 days ago

Hopefully the females on the show will behave appropriately and keep their hands off of them.

Shellfish_Beach 14 days ago

They need to stay away from the trainwreck of SNL Korea.

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