• Jay Park is one stylish bachelor for 'InStyle'

    May 26, 2015 @ 2:49 pm

    Singer and rapper Jay Park was recently featured in a pictorial for fashion magazine 'InStyle' where he transformed into a playful yet sexy bachelor in flashy prints and a glossy purple blazer.During the interview with the magazine, Jay Park said, "When I first appeared on 'SNL Korea' back in 2012 when I still had some image as an idol, I experimented with a lot of strong characters. At the time, the response was good so a lot of idol guests late

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  • Hyosung to host an upcoming episode of 'SNL Korea'

    May 26, 2015 @ 12:43 pm

    Hyosung will be appearing on 'SNL Korea' for the second time!Her agency, TS Entertainment, revealed on May 26 that she will be the main host of an 'SNL Korea' episode sometime in June.  Previously, she appeared on the last season with her fellow SECRET members, showing off her voluminous figure, but this time, she will be the exclusive host!Make sure you tune in to see her!

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  • Kick-Ass' Chloe Moretz stuffs her face, dances to 'Gangnam Style', and curses in satoori on 'SNL Korea'

    May 24, 2015 @ 3:06 am

    Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz learned a lot about Korea on 'SNL Korea'!The actress visited Korea for 4 days this past weekend, guided by singer Eric Nam, and she featured on 'SNL Korea' with Eric! She asked Eric for advice on how she could leave an impression on her Korean fans, and he coached her through the 'Do you know---' questions, eating broadcast, dancing the way Koreans like it, and even cursing as Koreans do. At first, Chloe seems

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  • 'SNL Korea' confirms their last episode to be on June 20th

    May 23, 2015 @ 11:48 pm

    According to a recent report, 'SNL Korea' will be wrapping up their 6th season on June 20th. The show will go on a two month hiatus before making a comeback with fresh new content in September 2015.A representative from 'SNL Korea' stated, "On June 20th, we will be going on a two month resting period. During the break, we will be thinking of new segments and make changes to the existing crew. Rather than making a big change, we are thinking about

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  • SHINee confirmed as hosts of an upcoming episode of 'SNL Korea 6'

    May 18, 2015 @ 10:48 pm

    The members of SHINee are set to be upcoming hosts of an 'SNL Korea 6' episode!On May 19, 'SNL Korea 6's side told OSEN, "SHINee has been confirmed as hosts. They are planned to be in the May 30 broadcast in the 15th episode."SHINee will be the next idol group hosts for the show, following EXID who hosted the 13th episode. EXID did great in their episode and we can already tell SHINee will do just as great! Also, SHINee will be the first boy grou

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  • EXID's Junghwa parodies her own 'I'm so happy' TMZ scandal on 'SNL Korea'

    May 9, 2015 @ 11:39 am

    And that's the best way to handle haters. EXID's Junghwa showed everyone that she isn't embarrassed one bit about her English pronunciation.The latest episode of 'SNL Korea' was hosted by EXID, and one particular segment featured an impromptu casting segment. In one corner you had a fake YG aka YZ and in the other Jung Sang Hoon was playing a fake Lee Soo Man as the representative of LSM Entertainment. The latter was choosing girls

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  • 'Laws of the Jungle' Kim Byung Man to host 'SNL Korea'

    May 5, 2015 @ 10:38 am

    Comedian Kim Byung Man, who many may recognize as a leader on the 'Laws of the Jungle' series, will be hosting the upcoming episodes of 'SNL Korea'! Reps from the tvN comedy show announced on May 5 that he'll be acting as host for the upcoming 6th season, and he's slated for his first episode appearance on May 16. This is also reported to be Shin Dong Yup, an 'SNL Korea' cast member, and Kim Byung Man's first time working together sinc

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  • Jessi makes a cameo appearance on 'SNL Korea'

    May 2, 2015 @ 9:13 pm

    Strong unnie rapper Jessi made a special cameo appearance on this week's airing of 'SNL Korea,' featuring actor Son Ho Joon. In one episode, actor Son Ho Joon appeared as a rookie variety show star, filming in an amazon with three women who are introduced as natives of the area. Though Son Ho Joon doubted their authenticity, the VJ urged the actor to continue with the filming and look as natural as possible. Filled with doubt, Son Ho Jo

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  • Son Ho Joon to host and Jessi to feature in upcoming episode of 'SNL Korea' + EXID to host the next episode

    April 30, 2015 @ 2:27 am

    'SNL Korea' just got even better, as it's about to have appearances from some of the hottest trending stars in the upcoming weeks!Actor Son Ho Joon will be hosting the upcoming May 2 episode of tvN's 'SNL Korea' Season 6, and Jessi will be appearing in a short comic skit with Shin Dong Yup in that episode.In the next episode on May 9, EXID will be the main hosts! EXID had previously guested on the show back in February, so they're probably famili

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  • Lee Kyu Han reveals his girlfriend on 'SNL Korea'

    April 20, 2015 @ 7:33 am

    Actor Lee Kyu Han recently appeared on 'SNL Korea' where he drew in attention not only through his participation in hilarious skits, but also because of his gorgeous girlfriend who was spotted at the filming for the opening. After sharing several incidents with his girlfriend on various variety shows such as 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,' 'Happy Together,' and 'Witch Hunt,' actor Lee Kyu Han finally publicly marked his lady friend on air.

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