DIA's Jung Chae Yeon to host 'SNL Korea'!

Jung Chae Yeon is once again hosting 'SNL Korea 7', but this time, she'll be all by herself!According to an insider report, "Jung Chae Yeon is filming…

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AOMG crew to host 'SNL Korea 7'!

The hottest hip-hop artists have set out to take over 'SNL Korea 7'!On May 31, tvN associates reported, "AOMG's Jay Park, Simon D, LOCO, and GRAY will…

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Lee Ji Hye to join IOI on 'SNL Korea'!

Singer and actress Lee Ji Hye will be appearing on 'SNL Korea 7' with IOI!On May 6, reports stated that the former S#arp member is a guest on the…

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Girls' Generation's Tiffany to host 'SNL Korea'

Tiffany will be a host on 'SNL Korea'!Insiders have revealed Tiffany will be the host for the show that will air on the 28th. As she's also going…

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Ken Jeong goes back to his roots on 'SNL Korea'

Korean-American actor Ken Jeong went back to his roots on the April 30 installment of 'SNL Korea'.For the skit, Ken Jeong had to transform into K…

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IOI to host 'SNL Korea'!

IOI will become hosts for 'SNL Korea' season 7!On April 26, producer Kwon Sung Wook confirmed the news, and stated that he'd alrea…

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Ken Jeong to appear on 'SNL Korea'?

Korean-American actor Ken Jeong is going to appear on a program in his South Korea?A rep from tvN stated on April 25, "Ken Jeong is confirmed to appea…

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