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DMTN's Daniel admits to aiding in distribution of marijuana

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DMTN's Daniel has denied smoking marijuana, but he has admitted to aiding in distribution.

Daniel had been summoned to the police to be investigated on suspicions of smoking and distributing marijuana. His label released an official statement on the 12th, stating, "Daniel was investigated by the police and prosecutors on the 9th," and revealed that he was being charged with distributing and introducing marijuana.

The label confirmed that he had not smoked it himself, revealing, "At first, the prosecutors suspected him of smoking it himself and ran a drug test on his hair and urine. However, all his tests came back negative. He was acquitted on the charge that he smoked marijuana, and was investigated for the other charges."

The agency also apologized for his actions, saying, "Daniel immaturely and thoughtlessly believed that as long as he did not smoke himself, it wasn't a big crime, and that's what led to this incident." They also stated that he admitted to the charges and was complying actively with the police and prosecutors' investigations. The label added, "He's currently deeply reflecting on his actions. He feels guilty that he acted rashly and committed such a big crime."

"Daniel has not received a court sentence yet, but he does not want to make excuses for his mistakes. He wants to pay the consequences under the law, and the staff is supportive of his decision. We plan to help him mature as a member of society in the future."

Update: Daniel did not "sell" marijuana but rather is described as a intermediary.

Source: Osen, My Daily via Nate


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