Psy's twin daughters, "Let's live together now Daddy"

October 11, 2012 @ 9:51 pm
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On the 12th, SBS's 'Good Morning' had national singer Psy as a guest.

Spectators of Psy's performance stated, "Is he crazy?"  Starting from Beyonce's "Single Ladies", Psy shocked with his female song performances. The crowd received immense amounts of energy from Psy's limitless confidence and courage. That is why Psy himself describes his performances as a 'Rehabilitation Center'.

With the endless concerts, college festivals, and broadcasts, Psy is 'The Celebrity' of the moment, however, he is still the head of a family. As a father, when Psy returns home his daughters say, "Let's live together now Daddy". Because of Psy's never ending passion for the stage and in order to make an even better stage, he is always practicing and performing.

On the show, Psy revealed more details about his family and his personal life.

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