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Dara reveals 2NE1's 3rd anniversary cake

May 17, 2012 @ 3:15 am
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2NE1's Dara revealed a picture of a cake she and her members specially prepared to celebrate their 3 year debut anniversary.

On May 17th, Dara posted on her me2day, "2NE1's 3 year anniversary! For real daebak, congratulations! This is a special cake symbolizing 2NE1 and Black Jack's 3 year anniversary! We ordered it ourselves and prepared it! I love you Black Jack! Stay together Black Jack! Forever live Black Jack! Black Jack zzang!" and shared the above picture.

The picture showed a light purple, 3 layered cake. The cake had the writing, "2NE1 3rd" to celebrate the 3 year anniversary and "Forever with Black Jack" to show their appreciation for their fans. The top layer also had doll figures of 2NE1 members.

After seeing the picture, the netizens responded with, "I've been supporting you guys for 3 years. I'm happy", "Happy 3 year anniversary", and "When are you guys making a come back? I'm waiting."

2NE1 made their debut on May 17th, 2009 on 'Inkigayo'.

Source+Picture: Dara's me2day

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