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Who are the top six beauties of SM Entertainment?

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As one of the biggest entertainment companies in the K-pop world, SM Entertainment has made a name for itself by producing some of the top Hallyu groups. It is also known for representing a line-up of some of the most beautiful people in the Korean entertainment industry, which begs the question, "Who are the top beauties of SM Entertainment?"

On February 21, an online community post titled, "SM Entertainment's Top 6 Beauties" has drawn the attention of numerous netizens.

In the compilation, Eugene of disbanded girl group S.E.S clocked in at the number one spot. Known as the "Original Fairy", Eugene is famous for maintaining an unchanged youthful beauty since her debut more than 10 years ago.

The second beauty in the list went to CSJH The Grace member Lina. Third and fourth place went to popular SM actresses, Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee, respectively. Go Ara is famous for being a former ulzzang star, and Lee Yeon Hee has recently drawn attention for revealing that she could have been a Girls' Generation member. Rounding up the list in fifth and sixth place were YoonA of Girl's Generation, and Sulli of f(x).

Netizens have responded to the compilation by writing, "Wow, SM really does have many beautiful stars", "I think Eugene is the prettiest among the idol group members", and "Lee Yeon Hee is really pretty!"

Source & Image: StarNews via Daum


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