4minute's Jiyoon to join "Immortal Song 2"

June 20, 2011 @ 2:58 am
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4minute's Jun Jiyoon has just announced that she will be joining the cast of KBS's idol music show, "Immortal Song 2". Because SECRET member Song Ji Eun is temporarily withdrawing from the show, Jiyoon will be acting as her replacement. PD Kwon Jae Young explained her leave with, "SECRET has Japanese promotions scheduled for July so she was set to leave the show from the start.  She will be returning around September once her Japanese promotions are finished." The PD then went to explain why the program chose 4minute's Jiyoon, "Jun Jiyoon gives the feel of a hidden gem in 4minute." Because the program aims to dispel the stereotypes surrounding idol singers, the PD felt that Jiyoon was the perfect match as a new addition. Jiyoon will begin filming for the show on June 27th. Source + Photos: 10asia via Naver

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