• INFINITE H's 'Sorry, I'm Busy' deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

    January 20, 2015 @ 9:25 pm

    INFINITE's sub-unit INFINITE H (Dongwoo and Hoya)'s "Sorry, I'm Busy" has been deemed inappropriate for broadcast by, you guessed it, KBS!According to KBS' music-review results on the 21st, "Sorry, I'm Busy" from their upcoming album 'Fly Again' was found to be unsuitable for broadcast due to the cursing, slang, and vulgar language in the lyrics. However, thankfully, their title track "Pretty" was approved so no worries fans!

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  • Yoo Dong Geun takes Daesang and more from the '2014 KBS Drama Awards'!

    December 31, 2014 @ 10:35 am

    Broadcast network KBS has aired its year-end award ceremony, the '2014 KBS Drama Awards'! The 'KBS Drama Awards' honors the best performances by actors on its network.This year, Yoo Dong Geun was given the top honor of the Daesang. Check out the list of winners below! Best Child Actor: Kwak Dong Yeon (Inspiring Generation)Best Child Actress: Ahn Seo Hyun (Abiding Love Dandelion), Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days)Special Short Drama Award: Kim So

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  • J-Hope amazes with jaw-dropping choreography in practice clip for 'KBS Music Festival'

    December 29, 2014 @ 2:26 am

    BTS' J-Hope has amazed even non-fans with his dancing skills in a newly released practice clip for his stage at the '2014 KBS Music Festival'. It takes a lot to impress jaded fans but J-Hope rises to the attention with his acrobatics and break dancing in the practice clip. He makes each move look effortless despite clearly taking an immense level of skill and innate talent.After receiving some hate a while back, it's great to see J-Hop

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  • Hwanhee explains his '2014 KBS Music Festival' performance mistake

    December 27, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

    On the December 26, Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee explained the small mistake he made during his performance at the '2014 KBS Music Festival'. During the broadcast of the '2014 KBS Music Festival', Fly to the Sky and veteran singer Lim Chang Jung held a collaboration stage in which they sang each other songs. During the performance of the song "Then Again," Hwanhee surprised viewers when he paused awkwardly during his part, possibly because

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  • Eunji, Ailee, HyunA, and more perform at the '2014 KBS Entertainment Awards'

    December 27, 2014 @ 12:19 pm

    Following the '2014 KBS Music Festival', now it's time for the '2014 KBS Entertainment Awards', which celebrates and honors some of the years finest TV stars! The list of performers contain a mix of artists and entertainers including A Pink's Eunji, Song Jae, H.O.T's Moon Hee Jun, Kim Young Hee, Park Eun Young, Cho Woo Joong, Ailee, ALi, Jung Dong Ha, Hae Ya, Oh Jung Yeon, Jung Da Eun, Jung Ji Won, Lee Seul Gi, HyunA, Kim Min Kyung, Lee Kuk Ju,

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  • Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo In Na, 'Superman is Back', and more win at the '2014 KBS Entertainment Awards'

    December 27, 2014 @ 11:40 am

    Following the '2014 KBS Music Festival', now it's time for the '2014 KBS Entertainment Awards', which celebrates and honors some of the years finest TV stars! Check out to see which TV stars won what in the list below.  Female Rookie of the Year (Comedy) - Lee Soo JiMale Rookie of the Year (Comedy) - Song Pil GeunFemale Rookie of the Year (Entertainment) - Cha Yoo RamMale Rookie of the Year (Entertainment) - Kim Joo HyukBroadcast Award - Ki

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  • Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee makes a mistake during 'KBS Music Festival' performance

    December 26, 2014 @ 8:15 pm

    On the December 26 broadcast of the highly anticipated '2014 KBS Music Festival', Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee had viewers chuckling over his small mistake during his performance.The performance was a collaboration between vocal powerhouses Fly to the Sky and Lim Chang Jung. They sang each other's hit songs; while Lim Chang Jung sang "Even Though My Heart Hurts," Fly to the Sky took on the veteran singer's old hit "You're Like Me." Afterwards, the tw

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  • '2014 KBS Music Festival' makes a broadcasting mistake during A Pink's performance

    December 26, 2014 @ 4:06 pm

    On December 26, the highly anticipated '2014 KBS Music Festival' aired, but the show did not go on without some mishaps. One of these mishaps occurred during A Pink's performance of their latest song "LUV."In the clip shown above, the broadcast mistake can be seen around the 3:45 mark towards the end of A Pink's performance. During Na-Eun's last line of the song, the camera focuses on an empty part of the stage rather than A Pink for approximatel

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  • Performances from the '2014 KBS Music Festival' (Part 1)!

    December 26, 2014 @ 8:15 am

    The next end of the year music show is the 2014 KBS Music Festival!  This years performances are by Lim Chang Jung, Fly to the Sky, Girls' Generation, EXO, SISTAR, A Pink, INFINITE, JungGiGo, B2ST, B1A4, TEEN TOP, VIXX, 2PM, BTS, Block B, San E, Raina, AOA, SECRET, and Ailee.Check out the performances from part 1 of the show below, and check out part 2 here!===< Opening >=< BTS >=< AOA >=< VIXX >&

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  • EXO and INFINITE to put on a special collaborative performance at 'KBS Music Festival'

    December 25, 2014 @ 12:55 pm

    Two of K-pop's biggest boy groups, EXO and INFINITE, will be putting on a special collaborative performance at the upcoming '2014 KBS Music Festival'!According to a representative from the music festival, the two talented groups will be coming together for a special unique joint stage. It was also revealed that both groups selected each other as the group they would most like to collaborate with so that brings an interesting dynamic to the stage.

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