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GD&TOP's "Don't Go Home" banned on MBC

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Big Bang's GD&TOP were hit with another ban, this time from MBC for their track, "Don't Go Home". The broadcasting network blacklisted the song on January 5th under the reason that the song was 'unfit for public broadcast.' This is the second ban this week for the duo, as it follows the ban of "Knock Out" from all three public broadcasting networks. YG Entertainment representatives spoke with Star News and revealed, "We expected 'Knock Out' to be banned from the three networks, so we will be re-submitting the songs, but MBC banning 'Don't Go Home' has come as a bit of a surprise to us." They continued, "We've retorted that there is nothing wrong with the song, as it was even accepted by KBS and SBS. As much as it is hard to understand why MBC would find it unfit for broadcast, we believe that MBC has their own reasons, so we will respectfully re-submit it for an evaluation." When asked why they believed the song was banned, they answered, "We feel that T.O.P's rap was a part of the problem, but we'd like for them to interpret the lyrics as is.  When we re-submit the song, we will not be editing any of the lyrics." T.O.P's lyrics state: "I don't like awkward settings Why is the sound of the clock ticking so loud? All I can hear is the sound of swallowing spit Look baby, all I want is to greet the morning with you A secret party for just us two before the night comes to an end But you're like Cinderella, you try to go home when the clock hits 12 Being alone makes the night so long Call in to your parents, don't try to act tough S.O.S, advancing seems so far Oh! wait a minute, why am I like this? Am I drunk, I'm so dizzy, I'm falling asleep." Source + Photos: Star News


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