• Big Byung (N, Hyuk, Jackson, Sungjae) to open for '2014 MBC Gayo Daejaejun' + GOT7 & BTS will dance battle

    December 15, 2014 @ 1:10 am

    Big Byung (N, Hyuk, Jackson, Sungjae) will decorate the opening stage of the '2014 MBC Gayo Daejaejun'!According to reports, MBC said, "Jung Hyung Don, Defconn, and Big Byung will be opening the '2014 MC Gayo Festival." Big Byung is a project group by Brave Double Tiger (Jung Hyung Don & Defconn), and recently they put out 'Stress Come On". The group was formed through 'Hitmaker', which is broadcast on MBC Every1. MBC also rev

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  • '2014 MBC Entertainment Awards' reveals MCs, new grand prize winner selection process, & 'Best Couple'/'Best Variety Show' nominees

    December 11, 2014 @ 7:40 pm

    '2014 MBC Entertainment Awards' has announced details regarding the awaited awards ceremony, which will be taking a whole new direction this year. The hosts leading the show this year are Kim Sung Joo, ZE:A's Hyungsik, and Kim Sung Ryeong, who have been confirmed as the main MCs for the night. The three chosen MCs are all known for their hosting skills and their ability to smoothly transition through the various performances t

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  • SISTAR announced to be the stars of 'Showtime' season 4

    December 10, 2014 @ 7:21 pm

    The cat is out of the bag! If you've been eagerly awaiting news about the new stars of MBC Every1's 'Showtime', the wait is over for SISTAR has now been announced for the 4th season! A rep told Newsen, "SISTAR have been chosen as the new artists for 'Showtime' season 4. You will be able to see SISTAR's honest image through the program. The ladies been receiving a lot of love for their honesty and outspokenness through many variety show

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  • Shin Dong Yup and Sooyoung to host the '2014 MBC Drama Awards'

    December 10, 2014 @ 1:10 am

    '2014 MBC Drama Awards' has announced its hosts for this year! Shin Dong Yup will be the main MC of the awards ceremony along with Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, who has a connection to MBC with her recent drama 'My Spring Day'. The '2014 MBC Drama Awards' will be held at the MBC HQ in Sangamdong, Seoul on the 30th!

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  • MBC Every1 announces a season 4 of 'Showtime' through a teaser

    December 9, 2014 @ 2:02 am

    A new season of MBC Every1's 'Showtime' is coming soon! The cable channel released a teaser for season 4, which will air in January, with a look back on its previous seasons which followed EXO, B2ST, and A Pink. With only a question mark at the end, fans can only hope that their favorite idols will be next!Stay tuned to find out who the next idol group will be!Tip: taetishidae, ksub7

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  • SBS, MBC, CJ E&M, JTBC to block people in South Korea from viewing their YouTube videos

    November 28, 2014 @ 1:48 pm

    It has been reported that broadcasting companies SBS, MBC, CJ E&M, and JTBC will be blocking people in South Korea from viewing most of their YouTube content.The reason, of course, has to do with money, although YouTube argues that it has been generous with ad revenue distribution ratio between YouTube and the broadcasting companies at 4.5:5.5 (45% to YouTube) (55% to Broadcasting Companies).  YouTube representatives have stated, "As we

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  • MBC considering a season 3 of 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' with possible format or cast changes

    November 19, 2014 @ 8:58 pm

    MBC is in talks for season 3 of 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' with some possible changes.The program, which loved a lot of love during season 1 of the show, has been struggling to maintain the interest of viewers as season 2 goes on. Because of this, the producers of the show have apparently been in talks to change things up, including possible tweaks to the format or even cast, for a season 3 next year.An MBC rep told TV Report on the 20th, "Altho

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  • 'I Am A Singer' to return next year

    November 13, 2014 @ 1:02 am

    MBC's 'I Am A Singer' is set to return next year! A MBC rep told Asia Today on the 13th, "'I Am A Singer' is planned to air regularly starting in January 2015... The broadcast time slot has not been confirmed, but it is expected to air on weekday nights.""Because the producers have not been confirmed yet, we have not recruited singers yet... After arranging the producers, we will gradually enter recruitment, but right now it it too early to give

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  • Lee Jang Woo talks about filming a kiss scene with SECRET's Sunhwa

    October 14, 2014 @ 6:45 am

    Actor Lee Jang Woo revealed he regretted the way he handled himself while filming for the kiss scene with SECRET's Sunhwa for their upcoming MBC drama, 'Rosy Lovers'.He said, "It was intimidating because we start out as a passionate and loving couple. It is normal for a guy to be leading when it comes to kiss scenes, but I'm apologetic that I wasn't able to. I think I would be able to do it well now," drawing laughter from the audience.Lee Jang W

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  • Actor Lee Jang Woo talks about working with SECRET's Sunhwa

    October 14, 2014 @ 2:59 am

    Actor Lee Jang Woo discussed how it was working with SECRET's Sunhwa for their newest MBC drama series 'Rosy Lovers' during the drama press release held on October 13. Lee Jang Woo commented, "It was an honor to be around such great seniors. I was worried that they would be intimidating, but they took care of me. The drama hasn't aired yet, but it still feels like she is my mother." The actor also mentioned being able to work with Sunhwa, "When I

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