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[Trigger Warning] KARA's Gyuri advised to seek medical help by psychiatrist Oh Eun Young on 'Golden Clinic'


On June 24, KARA member Gyuri appeared as a guest on the Channel A reality program, 'Dr. Oh Eun Young's Golden Clinic'.

On this day, Gyuri opened up to psychiatrist Oh Eun Young and the MCs of 'Golden Clinic' about the struggles she faced in the past several years, beginning with various rumors about her and her building purchases, her ex-boyfriend, as well as the late KARA member, Hara

[Trigger Warning Ahead]

In particular, while discussing her inner struggles over the past few years, Gyuri alarmed Dr. Oh Eun Young when she said, "I used to be someone who was adventurous, always ready for a challenge. But now, I'm burned out. I don't feel any hope. There's nothing in my life to look forward to. There's nothing in my life that I consider important."

Here, Dr. Oh Eun Young began to ask Gyuri several questions. First, she asked, "Do you generally feel downcast? Do you feel like there's no hope?", to which Gyuri answered, "Yes. I've felt that way since some time late last year." Dr. Oh then asked, "Do you ever feel like, there's no point in living? Do you sometimes think about dying?" To both questions, Gyuri answered, "Yes."

Dr. Oh then took a moment to explain the process of treating patients with symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts. She said, "If someone shows signs of wanting to take their own life, due to depression or other reasons, then it is important to ask them the question directly. Asking in a roundabout way will not help. Many people worry that if you ask someone outright, they might trigger something. But in fact, asking directly helps. However, when the symptoms are severe, you must receive medical help." The psychiatrist then looked at Gyuri and added on, "There is a ventilating effect to speaking the thoughts out loud. It helps to share the burden with others. The information that you receive by opening up to others can be important for you." 

Dr. Oh continued to ask Gyuri cautiously, "What methods have you thought about?"

Gyuri hesitated before she answered, "Since I didn't want it to hurt, I just... thought of ways that it wouldn't hurt." When Dr. Oh asked, "Have you ever stored medicine in your possession?" Gyuri replied, "I didn't mean to, but suddenly, I realized that I had them stored." The KARA member also shared, "Once, I went on a vacation on my own. That day, the weather happened to be dreary. I looked out the window from my hotel, and I saw how high up I was. I thought, 'If I'm this high up, I probably won't feel anything'." 

Finally, Gyuri brought up the topic of the late KARA member Hara. "I don't mean to put any form of blame on her. But when Hara went on ahead, that was the first time in my life that all of my values in life just shattered."

She continued, "I never in my life thought that someone as beautiful and loved as her, would even think about such a thing." Ultimately shedding tears, Gyuri remarked, "Even in this moment, I don't know what to think about myself, talking about my group member who has left this world on a TV program like this."

The KARA member reflected, "She was someone I spent the entire length of my twenties with, and I never thought that something like that would happen to her. So when I heard what happened, I couldn't help but think to myself, 'Oh, there's a way to end it like this'. I think it was because I spent too much time all alone, and there was no one to open up to."

After sharing all that she had to say, Gyuri was told by Dr. Oh and the MCs, "It's okay to live your life the way you want. Try to live a little more carefree, act up a little. It's okay to be a little more human in front of people." 

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margana8,619 pts Friday, June 24, 2022 0
Friday, June 24, 2022

I hope Gyuri gets the help she needs. I hope she knows that it's possible to make it through this. I hope she knows that she is loved.

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LLW953 pts Friday, June 24, 2022 0
Friday, June 24, 2022

I missed the quirky Gyuri on variety shows back in their early days. I hope she gets over this.

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