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Song Ji Hyo opens up about the stress she felt when she developed a new 'love line' with Kim Jong Kook after Gary's departure from 'Running Man'


On the May 10 broadcast of MBC every1's 'Tteokbokki Brothers', actress Song Ji Hyo joined cast members Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Yi Kyung as the guest of the day. 

On this day, Song Ji Hyo chatted with the cast members about her career as an actress, and as a variety figure as one of the original members of 'Running Man'. Then, Kim Jong Min pointed out, "Whenever Song Ji Hyo is involved, there's always mention of one particular person. Kim Jong Kook." Lee Yi Kyung also mentioned, "It's not just on 'Running Man'. You even came out on Kim Jong Kook's YouTube channel."

Here, Song Ji Hyo confessed, "The main reason I appeared on the YouTube channel was to promote my drama. And to be completely honest, I actually hated being in a 'love line' with Jong Kook oppa in the beginning. I even said to Jong Kook oppa seriously, 'Oppa, let's not do that kind of thing'."

The actress then explained, "Before, I had a 'love line' with Gary oppa, who is now doing very well with his own family. Then, one day after Gary left the show, I was suddenly in a new 'love line' with Jong Kook oppa. To me, the fact that I was one woman, with two 'love lines' involving two different men, that was not acceptable in my mind. So in the beginning, I asked the others not to do it." 

Song Ji Hyo went on, "But one day, I just kind of went along with it, and everyone burst out laughing. When I saw those reactions, I thought, 'Maybe it's actually okay? Maybe I should try it?'. These days, I find it funny, and I ask the others to play along more."

In response, fellow 'Running Man' cast member Ji Suk Jin commented, "I even declared once that if those two got married, I would give them my entire wealth." But when Kim Jong Min asked, "Is that still valid?", Ji Suk Jin shook his head and said, "No, it's not." 

Lastly, Song Ji Hyo was asked to describe her "ideal type" of man. She answered, "My ideal type is the exact opposite of Kim Jong Kook. I prefer someone like Winnie the Pooh. Someone with a round belly." To this, Kim Jong Min abruptly stood up and showed Song Ji Hyo his belly, while the other cast members stated, "Jong Min can make his belly bigger in no time." 

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potterstark1,820 pts Wednesday, May 11, 2022 0
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I hate their love line. It just felt so forced.

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margana8,611 pts Wednesday, May 11, 2022 0
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I never liked their love line. I've always maintained that their love line was only created bc Gary left and the show reduced the amount of physical games which took away 2 of Ji Hyo's most prominent characteristics- being one half of Monday Couple and being a woman who can compete in a physical way with a cast of other men.

The SpartAce loveline was always forced and never felt natural. KJK was the natural choice bc the other 3 men were married, and Kwang Soo was the dongsaeng while Se Chan was so new to the cast. Unlike Monday Couple and Se Chan-So Min, Ji Hyo isn't natural when it comes to forcing the relationship like Gary and So Min are. It's not her fault, but I don't like the direction the show made her go under just to get screen time. Whatever the case, I'm at least happy that she's actively taking part in it bc I don't like episodes where Ji Hyo barely has any screen time.

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