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Netizens debate how acceptable it is to modernize hanbok and hanbok-inspired fashion items

By beansss   Saturday, September 30, 2017   27,587   158   152



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Chuseok is less than a week away in Korea, and for Koreans, that means breaking out those traditional hanbok robes to go visit extended family members!

This year, Chuseok will be celebrated in Korea from October 4-6. With the hanbok-season upon them, netizens have struck up a debate about some of today's fashion trends involving hanbok, which includes modernizing hanbok designs into more trendy, casual styles, as well as fashion items inspired by hanbok using the signature fabric used for hanbok, patterns found in hanbok, and more. 

One Korean brand by the name of 'Ri-eul' specializes in "dressing today's culture in hanbok". The brand does exactly the things mentioned above when it comes to modernizing hanbok. You can check out some of 'Ri-eul's modern-hanbok and hanbok-inspired pieces, below. 

Netizens are having mixed reactions in the ongoing debate about how acceptable and appropriate it is to modernize Korea's most representative, traditional clothing. Many, however, seemed to agree that 'Ri-eul's hanbok-inspired items are "wow, so hip", "so pretty", "I want it", "I don't have to courage to wear these, but they're still cool", and more. On the modernization of hanbok, some readily favored the idea and said, "Times change and society changes, so there's no reason hanbok should not change. In fact, hanbok has gone through changes with different historical eras many times", "It's a re-invention, so it seems fine to try new things, and also leave the native aspects as they are too", "Incorporating hanbok into modern fashion like this will make it more easier to wear it on a daily basis", and such. 

Others who opposed the modernization of hanbok said, "I personally believe modernized clothes like this should not be called hanbok, as hanbok is a native artifact", "Hanbok is prettiest in its traditional characteristics", "These don't have the beauty of the original form and structure", "I wish people wouldn't try to change hanbok", etc. 

What do you think about the modernization of hanbok and incorporating hanbok-inspired aesthetics into today's fashion? What do you think of 'Ri-eul' and their unique fashion items? You can also check out 'Ri-eul's Instagram here!
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