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Posted by todayspeak3,487 pts Monday, December 4, 2023

Happy Birthday! #Jin becomes the first celebrity to have N Seoul Tower light up for his birthday drawing thousands of people to the city's highest peak

Nearly a year into Jin's military service, his 31st birthday became a global spectacle. Fans worldwide orchestrated an array of events, culminating in an unprecedented honor: the N Seoul Tower, lit up in tribute to Jin, marking the first time a celebrity received such a distinction. The highlight was a grand animated showcase at the tower's peak, where thousands converged to see Jin's life and career highlights. Characters RJ and Wotteo led the unveiling, adding a unique charm to the celebration, as Jin's videos played, casting a celebratory glow over Seoul's skyline.

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower), a pivotal symbol of Seoul and the highest point of the city, transformed into an actual "Jin-land" to celebrate the birthday of Kim Seokjin. It lit up purple and pink while displaying the videos of Jin, playing his music. 

It has never happened before, as N Tower was only allowing such huge companies like Samsung to hold similar events at the very top of Seoul. And even the freezing cold weather wasn't an obstacle for thousands of fans, who climbed the mountain just to celebrate the birthday of their favorite artist together.


 N Tower livestreamed the event, demonstrating how many people attended it.

From far away, the event looked like a magical castle from a Disney movie. The slideshow of Jin's content played alongside his music, created an atmosphere reminiscent of attending an actual concert of Jin. Besides, many reporters were there, filming a huge crowd at the top of the mountain singing along to their favorite tracks. 

It was just a fan meeting, but felt like Jin himself was there! Isn't it fascinating how many dedicated fans Jin has despite not being an active idol for a whole year?

On this special night, simultaneous light shows in Jin's honor illuminated across three Asian countries— Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. The overwhelming love and anticipation for Jin's return are truly unbelievable!

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Fung_Naiyana105 pts Monday, December 4, 2023 0
Monday, December 4, 2023

Jin deserves all the love in this world. Happiest birthday to Jin, we will wait for his return to us.💜

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riri910922,602 pts Monday, December 4, 2023 0
Monday, December 4, 2023

Seokjin is loved. What a wonderful event. Thank you to all the fans who made this happen. Happy birthday Seokjin

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