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Netizens are impressed with YoonA's tips on how to store left over snacks


Netizens were impressed with Girls' Generation member YoonA's tips on how to store left over snacks.

On April 13, one netizen created a post on an online community forum titled, "YoonA's tips on how to store leftover snacks." Here, the netizen included a video clip of YoonA demonstrating to her viewers how she stores her left over snacks to preserve the crunchiness of her chips. YoonA stated, "First you fold [the corners] vertically, and then you flip it." She then folded her snack bag downwards and then unfolded the corners, which locked the bag in place. 

In response to YoonA's tips, some netizens commented:

"For some reason, the way that YoonA talks is really charming. I find myself keep watching it because it's entertaining Lollll."

"This is such a good tip."

"You're not supposed to have left over snacks and preserve them. Once you rip the bag, you're supposed to eat it all lolll. But YoonA is so smart and lovely."

"Wow, amazing. I always used a rubber band."

"Wow, such a useful tip. I was always lazy to use tape on the chips bag."

"I just tried it now. Thank you~"

"YoonA seems to know a lot about daily life tips. She's also good at housework."

"I often have left overs for snacks, but this is so helpful TTT."

"Right, I also store [my chips] like that Lolll Of course, it's not often that I have left overs Lollll."

"Along with YoonA's tips on storing snacks, if you leave the snack inside the freezer they stay crunchy (I learned this from my part-time job)."

"Oh nice, I didn't know."

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btsjaykayforever2,187 pts Thursday, April 14, 2022 0
Thursday, April 14, 2022

awesome tip! i just used to fold 3x and clipped it with a binder paper clip or stapled across the fold few times.

now i just need to fold. thanks Yoona for sharing!

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lyun4r589 pts Thursday, April 14, 2022 1
Thursday, April 14, 2022

A post about... "Tips on how to store left over snacks"?, seriously?,...😒😑

~pls, Akp, YoonA is a smart and multi-talented k- artist, you shouldn't just focus on posting trivial things like "store left over snacks".. ...or only her visual.


Pleaseeeee AKP! you should focus on YOONA's many ACHIEVEMETS, TALENTS, and even her BRAIN.

→ Recently YoonA was nominated as Best Actress in the baeksang, and even her film received abt 3~4 nominations, BUT akp didn't make a single post about it with her name

→ YoonA's various talents were praised many times by professional experts and celebrities. BUT akp didn't make any post about it

→ Several of her projects were successful or even have received good reviews by national and even international experts, BUT akp did not post it

→ YoonA was chosen as a national or global ambassador for many brands and even managed to position some of those brands' products #1 sales in Korea or other countries, BUT akp didn't post about that.

→ Professionals and Celebrities praised her intelligence and brilliant mind, BUT akp didn't post it.

→ Dozens of national and international celebrities/artists chose YoonA as their role model or their ideal type or their favorite K-pop artist, BUT akp didn't post it

→ When YoonA promoted tourism of whole South Korea as her international ambassador and face/image, she managed to grow more economic income in tourism for the entire country, BUT akp did not post it

YoonA did so many achieved n things in her career B U T akp prefers not to post about her achievements, talents and brains.


Do u think YoonA cares about her visual? after her beloved group snsd went from ot9 to ot8 in 2014, she went into deep depression, and from that moment, SHE HERSELF STARTED DESTROYING HER OWN VISUAL, since the end of 2015 she prefers to be a chubby face and careless visual, eat a lot of snacks, doesn't healthy diets nor exercise, ...even hardly wears makeup. YOONA DOESN'T MIND TAKING CARE of HER OWN VISUAL. if she took care of her visuals, she would become the most beautiful woman in the world again.

Here, Compare these 2 gifts from YoonA:

AND ...

THIS is in April 12, 2022 (This year, CURRENTLY), of the same day of " how to store left over snacks"


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