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Netizens look back on the days when Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's paths crossed way before 'Crash Landing On You'


Where does Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's love story really begin?

With 'Crash Landing On You'? Not quite. As Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have officially announced their engagement, netizens are looking back on their history by revisiting past footages. On an online community forum, a netizen recently analyzed the many ways in which the two actors' paths crossed before starring in the drama together. 

As 1982-liners, the two shared the same age and even debuted in the same era (in the years 2001 and 2003), and are the youngest out of their respective siblings. 

Another TMI they reminded viewers was the fact that Son Ye Jin's father had enlisted in the marine corps, just like Hyun Bin, and the actress grew up listening to her father's stories from the army.

The two officially began to cross paths when Hyun Bin attended the red carpet screening for 'A Moment To Remember,' starring Son Ye Jin. When asked by a reporter what he's most looking forward to, Hyun Bin responded: "I am a huge fan of actor Jung Woo Sung (also starring in the film)." Then, when asked whether he isn't looking forward to Son Ye Jin at all, he said: "I am," with a subtle smile.

The two also worked separately on a popular drama during their twenties, with Hyun Bin as 'Ireland's Gang Gook and Son Ye Jin as 'Summer Scent's Shim Hye Won. The netizens found similarities in the way they atmospherically portrayed themselves.

In 2011, Son Ye Jin makes a guest appearance on the last episode of the drama 'Secret Garden,' starring Hyun Bin, upon the writer's suggestions. The two, however, do not meet in the actual drama.

In 2014, the two finally appear inside the same frame at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, as recipients of the Producers' Choice Award

In 2018, the two star in the film 'The Negotiation,' and the they finally act alongside one another. However, the two mostly filmed in different locations, and in the film, only the final scene features the two appearing together.

Despite the relative lack of content, the two appeared consistently in the film's press conferences, pictorials, and interviews. One of their famous pictorials is 'Vogue,' which you can see below.

Following the release of 'The Negotiation' in September 2018, their first romantic scandal ensues, but the two deny the rumors. 

In 2019, they finally appear as two leads for 'Crash Landing On You' and rise to unforeseen levels of international popularity with the drama by reaching a legendary viewership in tvN history with a rating of 21.7% during the last episode. 

Furthermore, they were both models of the mobile service company 'Smart' prior to their relationship announcement, and the company expressed that it "felt like [they] had won the lottery."

Some netizen comments include:

"I love this couple to the moon and back"
"My favorite celebrity couple..."
"Love it!"

"I hope they are happy as a married couple..."
"Can someone please tell me to stop smiling...my jaw hurts"

"They look soooo good together!"
"It feels weird to revisit these photos but they are so good together"

"I am actually so jealous of their beautiful relationship"

"Can't wait to see their wedding photos"

"Why am I so happy for them lol"
"Their history is more like a drama than any of their dramas haha"

"Perfect couple"

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They will just put a smile on your face.

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beautiful couple!~

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