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NCT members apologize after singing "Earthquake" and dancing when the Earthquake warning alarm rang


NCT members apologized after singing "Earthquake" and dancing when the natural disaster warning alarm rang during their comeback live broadcast. The members were criticized for their insensitivity and ultimately apologized.

On December 14, NCT held a live broadcast titled 'NCT Universe Countdown Live' to celebrate their comeback. During the broadcast, the natural disaster alarm rang on staff members' phones due to the earthquake that occurred near the Seogwipo, Jeju Island that day. The members checked the phone message and began saying, "Jeju Island? there's an earthquake?"

Then member Doyoung mentioned the song "Earthquake" from their album. Then, Mark began singing a verse from the song while Johnny began dancing. The other members quickly stopped the members but the situation had already broadcasted. Many netizens who were watching criticized that the members were insensitive as the alarm was for a natural disaster in which many people could have been hurt.

Ultimately, the members who were involved wrote apology letters on each of their social media accounts.

Mark who started singing the song wrote, "I want to say that I am very sorry for how I acted during the comeback live. I did not understand the situation properly and showed careless and insensitive behavior. I will self-reflect deeply and try my best not to show this side of myself anymore."

Doyoung wrote,"I want to apologize to those who may have been hurt and uncomfortable because of my careless remarks. It is my complete mistake and there is no excuse for it. I will do my best to prevent this kind of mistake from happening again in the future."

Johnny also apologized saying, "I am sorry that I backed rashly during today's comeback live. I will think and act more carefully in the future. I am very sorry. I apologize once again to everyone who felt uncomfortable."

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HarunoLeilah143 pts Tuesday, December 14, 2021 10
Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Times like this you realise how not...bright many idols are from having grown up in trainee rooms and the entertainment bubble. Like why on earth would your first thought when you hear an emergency message for an earthquake be to get up and dance or sing your song?


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TaeTiff20 pts Tuesday, December 14, 2021 1
Tuesday, December 14, 2021

It was immature and insensitive of them, and they should consider themselves lucky that the earthquake didn't cause any deaths because then this would be a real controversy. But as it is, they apologized, and reflected on their actions, and hopefully learned from this experience.


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