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The supporting actor who played the glass factory worker from 'Squid Game' shares the tragic story about his family


The supporting actor Lee Sang Hee from 'Squid Game' recently shared his tragic story about his family.

The actor who played the glass factory worker on the Netflix hit series 'Squid Game,' appeared on the YouTube channel 'Geun Hwang Olympics' to share his story. He explained that he had once appeared on the SBS current events show 'Unanswered Questions' back in 2016. This was because he wanted to reveal the truth behind his son's death. He revealed that his son died while studying abroad.  

In 2010, Lee Sang Hee's son had attended high school in LA but had fainted after being punched in the head by a classmate in December. His son was declared brain dead but died two days later. The LA police arrested the classmate for murder but the case was closed as the prosecution did not sentence the classmate claiming that "Lee Sang Hee's son was the first one to assault the classmate and the classmate acted in self-defense."

At the time, actor Lee Sang Hee decided an autopsy on his son to find out the truth behind his death. During that time, Lee Sang Hee was seen shedding tears saying, "I'm so sorry toward my son because his dad has no power. I'm so sorry you can't even rest in peace in heaven."

Many years later, Lee Sang Hee appeared on 'Squid Game' and is living as an ordinary head of the family. The actor said in the interview with the YouTube channel, "If I were to receive that 45.6 billion KRW (~38.2 million USD) award money, I would build an acting school in Songdo, Incheon. I want to open doors for actors like me who have no education or no connection."

He continued to say, "Life is cruel," and stated that he thinks about his son every day. He explained, "I want to meet my son. Sometimes, I hear his voice saying, 'Dad, let's grab a drink. You need to know this as an actor.' I feel that he sometimes nags me like that."

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apeach13870 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

That’s incredibly heartbreaking, I hope he gets more recognition and is one day able to open up that school!!



Ashreen31 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

That's soo sad...

i hope the world learn how cruel they were to let a person free after he committed murder!



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