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CL talks about her solo activities + 'Alpha' in 'Nylon' feature interview


This year, CL has been busily continuing her activities as a K-pop artist and has released two pre-release singles with her full-length album 'ALPHA' soon dropping this month.

CL has started making public appearances and garnering attention for her dominating presence as the queen of K-pop. On October 6, CL was featured on NYLON and sat down to speak about her recent solo activities. She told the magazine via a Zoom interview, "This is me getting out of [my] comfort zone to the fullest. This is me releasing an album as an independent artist. This is definitely a statement coming from a K-pop system and also [from] being an idol. K-idol, they call it."

The singer continued to share "I wanted to make sure I know exactly how everything works and understand what I’m doing instead of just going back to the system. And hopefully, this empowers my other artists in Korea and other artists that come from an idol group to be like, yes, you can continue doing this independently whether you decide to go to another label, however way it is. But I just wanted to make sure I am completely understanding everything and learning everything.

With NYLON, CL spoke about the journey she has taken ever since 2NE1 had disbanded in 2016. She had gone through a rollercoaster between that time until this year's release of 'ALPHA.' Despite all the challenges that CL had to face, she never lost hope as she always looked forward to what was next. She explained, "I think it’s more about focusing on what’s next and what can I do from this? Like all those challenges. There were many challenges in my life that I had to overcome. So, I’m excited about what’s next, and I really hope my fans are too.

CL also shared what 'ALPHA' means to her as she elaborated, "I wanted 'ALPHA' to be the blueprint and the beginning of just CL." She continued to say, " I hope 'ALPHA' guides people emotionally and helps you to overcome that. Because you spend time with music, and that’s what you remember, 'Oh, I remember that was the time this helped me go through this era.' I want 'ALPHA' to be that.

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CL WILL ALWAYS BE ONE OF THE QUEENS! She is so legendary and deserves to be treated as such. She and the rest of 2ne1 paved the way for SO MANY of the groups that we see today. When I first started listened to Kpop 2ne1 and 4minute were the only gg that really put effort into their raps and now every label has rappers in their girl groups. That’s because of the groundbreaking success of 2ne1.



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Ugh, the negativity in the comments shows just how miserable some people are. I'm glad she's finally doing what she wants and I hope every artist can become free to make art the way they wish.



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