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"He thinks of his fans as his concubines," more details of Lucas's private life exposed by his ex-girlfriends


WayV member Lucas suspended his activities due to the controversy over his private life. Although the Chinese idol group member stopped his activities, his ex-girlfriends are continuing to expose the singer.

A Chinese netizen 'B' claiming to be his ex-girlfriend stated on social media on August 25 saying, "Lucas's kindness and his love for fans are all fake and it's just his concept. He actually thinks of his fans as his concubines and used their love for him."

According to 'B,' she met Lucas for the first time during a fan sign event. 'B' told Lucas her social media account, and he had DMed her. They continued to talk through WeChat until Lucas told 'B' to come to the hotel he was staying at where they had a sexual relationship. During that time, 'B' found out that Lucas was also in contact with other fans.

She continued to say, "I can't imagine how strong of a mentality he has to meet two women a day - one in the morning and one in the nighttime. I tried to be a good fit for Lucas for two years but everything he did was a lie."

She also explained that Lucas also manipulated the popularity vote ranking of NCT members using his other social media account and also talked bad about Kris, who is currently undergoing investigation on charges of sexual assault of underage girls.

Earlier, the initial accuser 'A' exposed that Lucas was leeching off her money and also gaslit her. Thereafter, more women claiming to be Lucas' ex-girlfriend stepped up to expose the singers' actions. Among them, 'B' claimed that Lucas had continued to contact her even after they broke up. 'B' also claimed that Lucas has been gaslighting her and had made her pay for all their dating expenses, such as the reservations to the hotel he wanted to stay at. Another Chinese netizen 'C' explained that she had dated Lucas around the same time and experienced similar things as the other two women, in turn, Lucas was also accused of cheating.

With the heightening of the controversy, Lucas posted an apology letter and suspended all his activities

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kupid2,385 pts 28 days ago 9
28 days ago

Ok, they need to stop now. We do not have to hear every single detail of your relationship. You called him out he owned up to it, why do you keep trying to keep this going. Were we there when you two were carrying on?. Next we would hear about how he groans when he fucks you?. We have established that he was a asshole to you, you don't have to keep sinking to his level.


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Msgulfkat7583,812 pts 28 days ago 16
28 days ago

Gosh, same expressions, same exact dating situation, they ALL paid for everything. and somehow he dated all three at the same time with no-one in his agency, group or management knowing. He spent essentially DAYS away from his group members? When did he work? Sounds strangely scripted. I didn't believe the first one, but now that all three are saying each one of them dated him for two years at the same time, hmm. Geez, Lucas literally had to be on his back 365. How do we account for his practicing? Tv events? content online? videos? Commercials? Travel? Food? Sleep? I think everyone needs to go back to all his events and figure out if that was him or a ghost? He is a fucking genius, HE might have literally invented time travel.


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