Posted by Susan-Han Friday, July 30, 2021

SBS's 'My Little Old Boy' confirms Park Soo Hong & his mother will leave the cast after Park Soo Hong announces his marriage


On July 30, a representative of SBS confirmed with various media outlets that TV personality Park Soo Hong, as well as his mother, will officially leave the cast of 'My Little Old Boy'.

Earlier this year, after Park Soo Hong became embroiled in a lawsuit against his older brother for embezzling his earnings, Park Soo Hong and his mother temporarily left the cast of 'My Little Old Boy'. Then, on July 28, Park Soo Hong personally delivered news that he has registered marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend, and has become the head of a new household. 

As many of you know, SBS's 'My Little Old Boy' is a program centered around celebrity "sons" who are well past the common age of marriage, but who have yet to find their match. The mothers of these celebrity cast members appear as panelists in the studio, commenting on their sons' single lifestyles. 

Meanwhile, SBS assured that Park Soo Hong and his mother's departure from 'My Little Old Boy' is "a natural departure", due to Park Soo Hong's marriage.

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purplesea582 pts Friday, July 30, 2021 0
Friday, July 30, 2021

Also his mother does not qualify to be there and judge her son. What a horrible mom. She has been terrible to him. With his former girlfriend and current situation with brother.



CHMA11161 pts Friday, July 30, 2021 1
Friday, July 30, 2021

The production team are just trying to cover up the truth, they asked Park Soo Hong and his mother to leave a few months ago, due to his brother's embezzlement scandal. Of course any member of My Little Old Boy that gets married will leave the show, but I am sure that they already asked him to leave the show months before announcing his marriage and I know this as a regular viewer of the show because we haven't seem his mother on the show since a week after the scandal. I hope that this lie is actually SBS's way of saving Park Soo Hong's family from embarrassment. It must be hard and devastating for Soo Hong to sue his brother and go against him in court. I wish the new couple a happy future together and I hope that they can overcome the hardship together ❤


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