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Han Ye Seul shares a biblical parable and indirectly refers to malicious commenters as 'murderers'


Actress Han Ye Seul is continually combatting malicious commenters.

According to reports, Han Ye Seul recently took to Instagram and shared a video of a person preaching to an audience. The content spoke of a biblical parable about people throwing rocks at someone who is already dead.

Referencing this clip, Han Ye Seul wrote: "I will say this one thing to slanderers. You people know very well how to murder someone with a rock. You have thrown the rock and have continued to throw it while hiding your hand behind your backs. In the bible, there is a verse that says 'They have thrown the rock; they have nurtured a heart to kill the other.' The part 'They have nurtured a heart to kill the other' especially left an impression on me."

She continued, "The people already knew that the person was dead. And about half of the churchgoers might not even understand what I mean by this. I will ask the other half. Have you ever done anything to murder someone? Have you ever experienced it before?"

With this note, Han Ye Seul posted a screenshot of headlines about High Entertainment's plans to take legal action against malicious comments and rumors.

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Doxa2,003 pts Sunday, June 6, 2021 1
Sunday, June 6, 2021

Turn off your comments section honey.

these ungodly people won't give 2 cents about it. So protect your heart and move on with your life


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rlqtadri1,171 pts Sunday, June 6, 2021 0
Sunday, June 6, 2021

She's not wrong to compare malicious commenters to murderers. They hide behind the safety of being anonymous,,,, throwing insults, starting rumors, terrorizing people they hate for pleasure. I don't think a lot of people get how powerful of a weapon WORDS is. It can be sharper than any sword and hurt just as much. We should all take care on what we say and stop believing every rumor. I've seen time and time again, for example, people spreading rumors about idols on Twitter and because those tweets get tons of like and retweet .. they take it for the truth even if the evidence is very shaky. Unfortunately, we're living in times where it's not that difficult to destroy someone's career/life. It's guilty til proven innocent and it's a damn shame. I hope this women can stay strong and not give in to such bad people.



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