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Yuju's older sister speaks on GFriend's 'new beginning' on social media


Yuju's older sister spoke on GFriend's "new beginning" on social media.

All 6 members of GFriend parted ways with their label Source Music on May 17, and fans were caught offguard by the sudden news. Many are questioning the girl group's future after Source Music deleted their schedule and trademarked their name. 

Following the news, Yuju's older sister took to Instagram to comment. Along with the photo below, she expressed, "From their first stage that was so beautiful it made me burst into tears, you all have taken care of each other and grown from kids to ladies, giving it your best until today. Thanks to GFriend of the past 7 years as well as our Yuna (Yuju's birth name), I was really very proud and happy. A regretful ending is also a different, new start. I hope it will be a joyful first step. Let's fly even higher now, no. Let's fly even more happily!"

She added in English, "New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. I'm so proud of every single one of you, and I hope you fly higher and become even happier than you could ever imagine."

In recent news, GFriend's Yerin is reportedly appearing on 'Beauty Time Season 3'. Stay tuned for updates on the GFriend members!  

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Hyori_eunhye139 pts 27 days ago 6
27 days ago

This is so sudden

Reminds me of when 4Minute disbanded

It is the equal shock to all the fans


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alyaska140 pts 27 days ago 27
27 days ago

Judging by how unexpectedly the group and the company parted. something went wrong. And the words of the sister about the PAINFUL parting - it means something. What could have gone wrong? I am still asking this question. There are many versions and one is worse than the other. Very sorry. We have a saying "We began for health, and ended for the repose of the soul." It all started so well, and it all ended badly.

Girls shouldn't be told about it, and we won't know the real reason. BUT it is clear that there is a reason, and it is very big. If all 6 girls have canceled the contract, then something out of the ordinary has happened.


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