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Netizens comment that J.Y. Park is great at producing cute concept songs but isn't suitable for girl-crush concept songs


JYP Entertainment has been known to have produced numerous successful girl groups such as Wonder Girls, TWICE, and more.

J.Y. Park, the founder of the entertainment company also successfully took part in the production of the popular Japanese girl group NiziU, a girl group that is currently flourishing in Japan as they have broken various records there. 

In many of these cases, the girl groups produced by J.Y. Park have received immense love for their cute, girly, and bubbly concepts, such as the concept promoted by TWICE and NiziU. However, Korean netizens are saying that although J.Y. Park is a master at producing cute concept girl groups, he has not quite mastered producing the girl-crush concept.

Many netizens have mixed feelings about ITZY's recent album 'Guess Who' that was just released last month. Many netizens have mixed reactions to the title track "M.A.F.I.A In the Morning," as some say the concept was not a good attempt at the girl crush concept.

Netizens commented in an online community discussing the song produced by J.Y. Park. In the post, the creator included two songs of NiziU and praised J.Y. Park for these cute songs. Other Korean netizens joined to comment, "NiziU has a similar concept as TWICE," "I think definitely J.Y. Park is good with cute girl group concepts," "These songs are pretty good but I don't like the songs that ITZY recently released," "I actually like these songs," "This has a very TWICE vibe, lol," "I think J.Y. Park is not so good with girl-crush concepts," "This is so contrasting to ITZY's songs," "His girl crush concepts need work," and, "I think J.Y. Park has a very old style kind of image when it comes to girl crush concepts."

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8 days ago

I guess I’m the only one who thinks Itzy’s new song slaps. 😂


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8 days ago

I mean I totally disagree twice has moved away from their cute concept and he's written some of their newer songs and their good songs



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