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Actress Jin Ah Rim claims she was falsely accused of gang mobilization


Actress Jin Ah Rim explained the earlier media report about her being the rude actress who called up gangs to retaliate against a whistleblower is entirely wrong. 

The actress held an interview with media outlet OSEN on May 31st. She claimed the earlier media report about an actress mobilizing gang members to retaliate against a man who accused her of rude behavior, was entirely false. 

She first opened up about the whistleblower 'A'. "I usually get sponsored when I go to clubs. The accusatory post was about declining a sponsorship from a club, which was intentionally edited by A to claim I was the one being rude. A is a person who I met once at a club. Back then, I refused to give my number to him. I also blocked him on Instagram because he was leaving instigating comments on all of my posts."

Jin Ah Rim firmly stated that the said gang members in the earlier report were actually her fans, who have no affiliation with gangs. "When my fans approached him and said they were a fan of mine, A yelled swears to them. And then they both got into a fight but then the earlier report said it was a unilateral assault, which is not true. Somehow my fans were gang members and I became the mastermind psychopath. It's really frustrating. I wasn't rude in the first place, and I'm the victim who is being threatened for settlement money from an anti-fan."   

The actress again said, "I have filed a lawsuit against A for defamation. I was wronged."  

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to mydramalist i go lmao


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I am sorry but.. Who is this actress? Can someone tell me.. which drama/movie that she is in? I have googled her.. but can find nothing about her..


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