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Actor Ji Soo denies allegations of sexual harassment and has taken legal action against false rumors


Actor Ji Soo has come forward to deny the allegations of sexual harassment, and says he has taken legal action against the circulators of false information.

On May 27, Ji Soo's legal representative stated, "Right after Ji Soo's school violence allegations came up, he immediately responded with an apology, which was uploaded onto his public social media page. He also reached out to each individual involved in order to apologize for his past actions. In light of these events, there have also been many rumors going around, which are far from the truth. Ji Soo did not initially respond to these false rumors because he wanted to focus on reflecting."

The legal representative continued, "However, claims such as 'he committed sexual harassment' and others, have been widely circulating online and during the time that Ji Soo has been maintaining his silence for reasons of reflection, these false rumors have become viewed as the truth by many. In order to set the truth straight, Ji Soo has decided to take legal action against these false rumors for defamation, and the legal proceedings are currently in progress."

Ji Soo also made an official statement and said, "Regarding the current events of legal proceedings, I would like to apologize for causing an inconvenience."

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Dr_Little1,381 pts 23 days ago 7
23 days ago

He should do that. These topics should never be subject of netizens speculations. We do not have insight in validity of the proofs, are they true or forged by one or more malicious individuals. If they are right the victims are being dragged in various speculative articles and forums. Every side loses by hear say hate speech and the only profiting are platforms and news sites like this one. Ppl lost ability to filter and question what is served. We should bring common sense back instead of jumping on any hate band wagon.

He should have done this from day one but his agency managed him so poorly that they should get place in business books how not to manage your talent. As he is out now he can obviously do smth and he should. If he is guilty he has to go to jail as this is not some minor thing if he is not he should clear his name.


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I-am-b782 pts 23 days ago 0
23 days ago

Good...he should sue those fuckers. Sexual harrassment is a huge crime. Its not smth to be joked around. Sue those liars.



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