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Tiktok with a cause? Join the #KAIGucciChallenge by Gucci

For the year 2021, Gucci released their special collection inspired and named under their own Global Brand Ambassador, Kai. The KaixGucci Capsule Collection is a bear-themed collection by Alessandro Michele that was inspired by KAI, who was a bear, as per his fans’ opinion, and who deeply adores bears.

This March, Gucci announced on their official Tiktok account about the #KAIGucciChallenge, with KAI, their own Global Brand Ambassador, initiating this challenge and encouraging everyone to join.

“Join #KAIGucciChallenge and share your own with #KAIxGucci.”


Join #KAIGucciChallenge and share your own with #KAIxGucci 🧸

♬ KAIGucciChallenge - Gucci

As KAI, being the Idol of Idols, started the challenge, many idols and influencers on Tiktok also shared their entries.

Here are some of the #KAIGucciChallenge entries by Idols/Influencers:

1.  OFF THE CUFF’ Leo Kang (@leokang_)

    Leo Kang, a member of the South Korean boy group, OFF THE CUFF, is one of the first idols who did the #KAIGucciChallenge.


    #광고 #KAIGucciChallenge #KAIxGucci #Gucci“KAI x Gucci 챌린지“코로나19로 어려움을 겪는 아동들을 지원한다고 하니 다들 함께해요!!

    ♬ KAIGucciChallenge - Gucci

    2.  Aiki (@aiki_kr)

      Aiki, a popular Korean TikTok, and youtube influencer, also posted her cool entry while sporting one of the shirts from the KAIxGucci Capsule collection. Aiki’s video was reposted by Gucci’s official TikTok account.


      Join #KAIGucciChallenge and share your own with #KAIxGucci 🧸@aiki_kr

      ♬ suono originale - Gucci

      3.  MIRAE’s Jang Yubin (@official_mirae)

      Jang Yubin of the boy group, MIRAE, who admittedly admires Kai, also uploaded his very own entry for #KAIGucciChallenge.



      ♬ KAIGucciChallenge - Gucci

      4.  VIXX’ Ravi (@ravithecrackkidz)

        VIXX’ Ravi, the best friend of KAI, shows his adorable support for the KaixGucci Capsule collection together with his own entry for the #KAIGucciChallenge.


        #광고‘KAI X Gucci Challenge’구찌와 종인이가 코로나19로 어려움을 겪고 있는 아동들에게보육 및 교육비용을 지원한다고 합니다. 좋은 캠페인에 많이 참여해주세요🐻🖤#KAIGucciChallenge#KAIxGucci#Gucci

        ♬ KAIGucciChallenge - Gucci

        5.   SHINee’s Taemin (@im_taemin)

        Shining in one of the KAIxGucci Capsule Collection shirts, SHINee’s Taemin, also one of KAI’s best friends, shows his support by posting his adorable #KAIGucciChallenge entry.


        🧀X🐻 #KAIGucciChallenge #Gucci @Gucci“KAI x Gucci 챌린지”를 통해, 코로나19로 어려움을 겪는 국내 아동들을 지원한다고 합니다. 함께 좋은 일에 동참해주시기 바랍니다 6v6😊

        ♬ KAIGucciChallenge - Gucci

        Gucci, a luxury fashion brand, which is known for helping people throughout the years, continues its pledge by this special collection using the trend video app, Tiktok.

        “Upon reaching the 10,000 Challenge posting, Gucci will support childcare and education expenses for children suffering from Corona 19 through the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation.”

        Share your own entries by using any filter (Gucci filter is only available in South Korea) and insert the original sound when uploading, and don’t forget to use the hashtags: #KaiGucciChallenge and #KAIxGUCCI.

        Let’s join Gucci by sharing our own video on Tiktok that comes with a purpose that will benefit the children affected by the current pandemic.

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