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Korean netizens react to STAYC's "ASAP" Music Bank performance


Rookie girl group STAYC made their comeback on 8th April. So how Korean netizens reacted to STAYC's "ASAP" performance on KBS's Music Bank?

"Oh my, please keep the background still... I'm dizzy because my eyes turn around."

"Chorus is really ridiculously picked."

"Just the chorus keeps lingering in your ears."

"The refrain is really addictive."

"I memorized the chorus even after watching the teaser a few times."

"This stage outfit is pretty, and the babies have grown up, and I like everything. I got addicted to the song when I first heard it."

"This song goes well with Sieun's tone."

"Getting hit like a dance knife makes me feel good.Hit hard without a single error. Awesome."

"Post listening addiction is official at this point, A.S.A.P. all day long."

"It's a legendary comeback with Sieun's styling, coordination, and beauty. Girl group which shines thanks to main vocal visual."

"I think Black Eyed Pilseung composers are happy because the range of vocals is wide from J's ultra-low bass to Sieun's superb treble high notes."

"The babies are so pretty. They're so good. The song is great, the choreography is pretty, and it's so lovely when they dance with a smile. You've worked hard on your album. Now just walk on the flower path."

"I can't let go of this song. Lee Chaeyoung (ISA) seduced me first!"

"(Timestamps for Isa's parts) This friend's tone is really nice, I couldn't really see the other members because they are all different, but all have very good vocal tones."

"I can feel that this is girl group that general public is paying attention to which means everyone wants something different from them. This might be confusing for agency, but that's only their first comeback. STAYC, High-Up, SWITH FIghting!"

"You did really great preparing for this comeback I will be always cheering for you."

"I love Chaeyoung's (ISA) dancing, facial expressions, and her voice."

"I was a little bit shocked about Seeuns side-hair color in MV, but now I will be watching every stage to see how her hair color will be changing."

"They prepared very hard for this comeback, and because many people are commenting there are also bad comments. Please only write compliments, let's not upset the kids."

"STAYC's stage performance is really the best! You did a great job on your first music show during this comeback!"

"Seeun grandma loves you a lot, only grow well and be happy! You are the prettiest in the world!"

"Their outfits are better than during showcase and stage performance is good, still outfits are too dark and it's hard to do pay attention to what they are wearing. Hope the next set of clothes will be better."

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hiroonakamura3,766 pts Saturday, April 10, 2021 1
Saturday, April 10, 2021

what kinda article is this, though? it's nice that they got positive comments mostly, but this article is more suited to be a forum post. Not an article.


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9AF3,415 pts Saturday, April 10, 2021 2
Saturday, April 10, 2021

This is really catchy but I personally like their "So Bad" concept a little better.


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