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'Heart Signal 3' Lee Ga Heun's lawyer denies bullying accusations and clarifies lawsuit against accuser


'Heart Signal 3' contestant Lee Ga Heun's lawyer denied bullying accusations and clarified her lawsuit against the alleged victim.

As previously reported, a former classmate of Lee Ga Heun claimed they were a victim of the reality show contestant's bullying in the 6th grade. Reports alleged Lee Ga Heun had admitted to the bullying allegations as she was filing a suit against the accuse for "defamation by the disclosure of the truth." However, her legal representative has clarified that she had not admitted to the accusations.

Lee Ga Heun's lawyer stated, "We've filed a lawsuit against 'A' under the charges of slander with falsehoods. 'A' claims to be a victim of school violence allegedly committed by Lee Ga Heun. The prosecutor for the case has judged that it's close to impossible for the allegations to be revealed as true based merely on either testimony given by teachers or students. There's no objected data from the period of time in which 'A' claims to have experienced school violence, which is over 10 years ago, during her 6th grade days."

A text message between Lee Ga Heun and the alleged victim also reportedly reveals a personal vendetta against Lee Ga Heun. Her lawyer further stated the accuser tried to settle with Lee Ga Heun to get the lawsuit canceled on multiple occasions.

Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing case.

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forgivemenot11,699 pts Saturday, April 3, 2021 0
Saturday, April 3, 2021

This rash of bullying cases is such a giant mess, so many have turned out to be misunderstandings or kids being kids, people who just had an argument or didn't get on with or people who seem to be oversensitive or people just reporting something they heard from someone else without first hand knowledge.

I have genuine sympathy for people who were actually bullied but some of these accuses from my perspective just need to grow up and move on, we all went to school and we were all both victim and perpetrator at some point in that journey, there's no point anyone denying it because kids are cruel and don't know the consequences of how they treat others because they are "kids," and kids do stupid stuff it's kind of their job, but most grow up and become better people which is a good thing so unless someone was genuinely bullied, harassed, beat on or had their money stolen they should just shut up because every time they cry wolf it gets harder to believe the people it actually happens to.



myfirstwasmblaq2,375 pts Saturday, April 3, 2021 0
Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sixth grade? I’ve taught at a private K-12 school (grades 4-12 in different years), and I’ve seen many students changing from little jerks to wonderful human beings. It’s called growing up, and with the right guidance, people can change. I think bringing up something that happened in sixth grade to try to destroy someone’s adult life is too much. If anything, I blame the schools and parents for not taking control over the situation early on. In my school bullying is taken seriously, and teachers and parents work together to enact a plan of action. Most parents take the situation seriously and don’t protect their children when they do something wrong.



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