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Alleged victim of bullying by Lee Ga Heun of 'Heart Signal 3' speaks out


An alleged victim of bullying by 'Heart Signal 3' cast member Lee Ga Heun has spoken out.

Lee Ga Heun has been plagued by school bullying rumors and accusations by 3 alleged victims, and one of them spoke up to media outlets on April 28. Alleged victim 'A' expressed the network behind 'Heart Signal 3' did not consider the allegations, saying, "Channel A weren't concerned. Reports saying, 'Lee Ga Heun's bullying rumors are false,' were spread, and I, who was the victim, became the perpetrator."

'A' continued, "The person who created nightmares for me laughs on the show. There are times where she has a good reputation. Lee Ga Heun's reformed image came to me as a second nightmare." The victim also claimed the rumors that they had deleted their original posts accusing Lee Ga Heun of school bullying were not true, stating, "The posts were not deleted by me. It was blocked by temporary measures the day before the premiere of 'Heart Signal 3' because someone reported it." The alleged bullying victim further stated they were not in contact with the 2 other alleged victims. 

As for details on the bullying, 'A' stated that the issues began after they started 6th grade, "Before starting school, we contacted each other and went to each other's houses, but as soon as school started, she ignored me to my face and completely blocked me. She separated me and my classroom partner, and she made me a ghost in a foreign language class of less than 10 people. She even cursed about my mom. The way she spoke remains vividly in my memory even 12 years later, and it pains me." 

Lee Ga Heun is reported to be filing a lawsuit against 'A', and 'A' has hired legal representatives as well.

In other news, Chung Anna of 'Heart Signal 3' has also been accused of bullying, while a male cast member made headlines for his association with the 'Burning Sun' club and Park Yoochun's ex-fiancee Hwang Hana.

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nina97x5,766 pts Tuesday, April 28, 2020 6
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This is hard. I’m really starting to like her on heart signal3. The story of bullying isn’t that severe or deep. I’m more bothered by story of the flight attendant Anna. I feel like she should address these rumors and apologize. 12year olds are dumb do stupid sh*t. I know I was super clique-Y with my friends. Something things should just die and end in middle school. No need to come out now and try to ruin someone’s career and reputation.


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heythere131 pts Tuesday, April 28, 2020 1
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dang IDK how I feel about this. On one hand all victims need to be heard. On the other hand it sounds like basic childhood experiences. Two 11 year olds were friends during the summer and then school started and one moved on. Should we punish someone for not wanting to be friends with another person when they were 11YO or even at any age?


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