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'Heart Signal 3' Lee Ga Heun accused by another alleged bullying victim


'Heart Signal 3's Lee Ga Heun has been accused by another alleged bullying victim.

Lee Ga Heun has been denying the bullying allegations, and on April 6, a second alleged bullying victim spoke up after the first. Alleged bullying victim 'B' stated, "Lee Ga Heun, the perpetrator of the crime, is said to be honest, and it's said what she's going through is unfair. However, the people who should be really overwhelmed and heartbroken are the victims, who were living normal lives, not the agency, the broadcast company, or aspiring celebrities. 'A' has also been dismissed as a liar. I felt very angry when I saw the use of acquaintances to denounce the victim."

'B' continued, "As she started broadcast activities on 'Heart Signal 3' and 'Friends', I was forced to see the face of someone I didn't want to think about for the rest of my life. Every time I see her, I think of my painful past." The alleged victim further stated they developed depression and are currently undergoing psychiatric treatment.

'B' concluded they doesn't want an apology from Lee Ga Heun as they feel the reality star would just lie anyway.

Stay tuned for updates on the bullying allegations.

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10 days ago

That really hurts..When the victim saw their bullies doing well as if they did not hurt anyone...its always the victim who suffered.



Smurdah193 pts 10 days ago 1
10 days ago

All these bullying accusations is spiralling out of control. Some are true but some are false, not to mention that these bullying experience can happen years ago. Seeing someone that bullied you becoming successful can be painful but at the same time all these accusations leads to others to rethink their memories and over exaggerate their past experience, things that happened years ago can be blurry at such a young age which creates a false narrative that will taint the reputation of the celebrity being accused.

The sad part is if it happens to be false accusations, lots of people won't know, the media knows the public is more interested in "spicy" news which is why articles about celebrities being innocent do not get the same recognition. This movement is really a double-edged sword with very few benefits.


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