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Posted by Susan-Han Saturday, February 27, 2021

Why Brave Girls's 'Rollin'' is going viral (feat. YouTube algorithms)


Yes, Brave Girls's time has finally come, nearly 10 years after their debut!

As of February 28, Brave Girls's "Rollin'" is climbing up various domestic realtime music charts at an incredible speed. Earlier, fans and the Brave Girls members themselves celebrated the track hitting #1 on 'Bugs', marking Brave Girls's first ever #1 hit since debut!

So here's a bit of a breakdown on why this song has suddenly gone viral. 

1. YouTube Algorithms

The #1 reason, of course, lies in this one fateful video - a video featuring some of the best comments left under past videos of Brave Girls's "Rollin'". This is the exact same pattern that gave birth to the viral sensation of 2PM's "My House" and Rain's "Gang". 

Here are some of the comments from the above video, translated:

"This song is #1 on the military Billboard chart."
"WTF is the military Billboard chart kekekeke."
"I served in military unit #18, and this song was passed down to us by the ancient guys from unit #16, so we passed it down to the guys in unit #20 before we all finished service kekekeke."
"This song was passed down to me by my superior in the military..."
"One of the legendary mysteries of Nonsan... No one told anyone to do it but everyone passes this song down to the new recruits year after year kekekeke."
"The video that every single soldier doing mandatory service has watched hundreds of thousands of times since unit #15..."
"Play this song during war and the war is already won."
"This song is the answer to reunification."
"All the soldiers turning into manta rays in the crowd kekekeke."
"The only song I remember my instructors dancing to."
"Those soldiers in the crowd are like zombies."
"Okay but can the camera not spin around during the 'Rollin rollin rollin' part kekekeke."

2. A Legendary Song "Passed Down" in the Military

If you read the comments in the above video, you can tell just how serious the ROK army's soldiers are about this song!

"This song is how I survived the military kekekeke. All those late night guard duties TT. Watching this video again was the last thing I did before we were discharged from our units."
"We knew exactly what episode of 'Inkigyao', what minute, and what second it was because we played it every morning."
"The soldiers can close their eyes and count the seconds while fast-forwarding 'Inkigayo' and stop right at the beginning of this song."
"When my friend came back from the military I remember him showing me this song at the karaoke... He was really serious about it, no jokes."
"Turn this song on when you're drinking with your buddies from the military, and everyone will be dancing on their chairs."
"My brother says learning this song was a part of his training kekekekeke."

3. The Military Remix Version

This is the original video of Brave Girls performing "Rollin'" during a visit to the ROK marine corps, a.k.a the infamous "Military Remix Version".

"I can't listen to this without the soldiers cheering in the background kekekeke. Any chance they can release a new version with the chanting~?"
"The military remix version of this song is 'Rollin rollin rollin, hey!' kekekekeke."
"This song is so fun! I can't believe the guys were hogging it to themselves this whole time."
"One of the best things about this is how happy those soldiers are kekekeke."
"Those soldiers' reactions are the best... look how happy the girls are on stage too."
"You know a song is good when it's passed down through the generations."
"Those soldiers are so crazy kekekeke."

Congratulations again to Brave Girls's "Rollin'" for charting #1 on Bugs and entering the top 100 on Melon, Genie, and FLO!





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YuForgetMeNot440 pts Saturday, February 27, 2021 0
Saturday, February 27, 2021

Hoping that these could lead to Brave Girls having a comeback or even just a variety show guesting please



Sophia_Joanne44 pts Saturday, February 27, 2021 0
Saturday, February 27, 2021

I'm so glad that finally their song is at no. 1 after so long. I had enjoyed all their songs but it was just a pity that they wasn't able to take off. Now, Brave Girls finally did it and I hope this will be their start of their fame and hoping that Brave Brothers will let them have a comeback soon



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