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Park Hye Soo's school bullying victim opens up about her trauma


One of Park Hye Soo's school bullying victims opened up about her trauma. 

Media outlet Sportsworld held an interview with one of Park Hye Soo's alleged school bullying victims, K. K said she is interviewing as a representative of a 'Park Hye Soo's Victim's Association'. 

Q. What led you to write an accusatory post?

"Most school bullying victims will be reminded of their scars every time they see their perpetrator on TV. Every time there was a school bullying controversy, I wanted to reveal the truth. I hated seeing my bully on TV pretending to be nice and influencing the public." 

Q. You left a comment on Park Hye Soo's Instagram with your real account. 

"There were already a lot of he said, she said kind of things online regarding Park Hye Soo's bullying. I just left a comment under a post about my experience and trauma without expecting my comment to be publicized. But now that it has been reported I thought I should best use this opportunity to reveal the truth with other victims of her." 

Q. What kind of violence did you have to endure?

"The first time she hit her, I was 16 and Park Hye Soo was 17. She set me up as a bad kid. Then she brought me to a karaoke room where about 10 students were present. She told them to hit me once taking turns. 3 people including Park Hye Soo slapped my face. Then, Park Hye Soo took me to a neighborhood mall and slapped my face many times. Then, for the third round, she hit me in front of about 20 people at the apartment playground. It was a rainy day but she continued to slap across my face. She even made her guy friend hit me instead saying her hand was hurting. I had bloody lips and nose, and bruises on my ears. My clothes were drenched in blood but my pride was more hurting than my body. She then texted me 'Don't ever come to Daechidong(neighborhood name)'. But then she hugged me saying 'You know I don't hate you right?' when I was heading home. It was disgusting. My friends said they were worried about me. I really did want to commit suicide back then."

K continued, "My dad was angry after seeing me return home like that. I told him Park Hye Soo did it instigating other kids as well. He called Park Hye Soo but she cursed out on the phone saying 'It's because you ** educated your daughter like that'. I still remember him shedding tears looking at me after meeting Park Hye Soo and her clique."

Q. How did you two become friends? 

"Both of us were older than our classmates after returning from studying abroad. I was in 8th grade at 16 when Park Hye Soo was in 9th grade at 17 years old. Both of us were not 'good' students. But I have never beat up someone, or ostracised someone from a group, or took money from someone.  All the others in the clique know. They later apologized to me for not standing up for me when Park Hye Soo hit me. But not her. She was a mastermind behind all this and never mentioned this once let alone an apology." 

Q. The agency has denied all allegations of school bullying. How did the association take that?

"I guess Park Hye Soo lied to her agency or only revealed partially. Everyone was angry. There are 10 people in this group chat but there are so many more alumni reaching out to us. I can't believe the agency is completely denying this many people's claims. They say we are infringing upon the actress's dignity and rights. What about ours then? The truth must be revealed at least for the sake of a safer learning environment.

Q. Any last comment to Park Hye Soo? 

"She had good grades and strong familial ties so she could evade the controversy back in the days. Now she's trying to hide behind a giant agency. What we want are an acknowledgment and a sincere apology. To be honest, I don't want to see her on-screen ever. It hurts me. Most victims would think the same and she owes them apologies. I want her to admit and reflect upon her past." 

Previously on February 23, it was reported Park Hye Soo's agency has officially filed a legal complaint against malicious commenters spreading false rumors of her school bullying online. 

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jimn129 pts Tuesday, February 23, 2021 2
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Wasn't the situation of how she hit the victim a bit exaggerated? also a company will do anything to protect their idol's image. However, making up stories like this are not funny because some people actually went through b*llying. I hope the victim is not lying.


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smfhlmfao382 pts Tuesday, February 23, 2021 0
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Man what are these shenanigans?



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