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6 K-Pop idols who have written music for other idol groups


The identity of idols in K-Pop is multifaceted, and while one might think that it is limited to their group position, it actually extends much farther than that. They are undeniably artists first and idols second and as artists, some of these idols have written songs for their fellow idols and idol groups as well! As idols get more creative liberty in the music they produce, the industry as a whole thrives. Here are 6 of the most popular K-Pop songs written or co-written by idols from other groups!

gugudan - 'Do It' by Ravi

Ravi has been a songwriter for gugudan a couple of times with the most popular mention being their hit song, 'Do It.' Evidently, Ravi did an incredible job because this song brings out the group's charms and their talents perfectly well.

IZ*ONE - 'Airplane' by Lee Dae Hwi

AB6IX's Dae Hwi is perhaps one of the youngest singer/songwriter/producer in the industry, and his talent is truly unmatched. He co-wrote the song 'Airplane' for IZ*ONE and also composed it, proving his mettle beyond being an idol.

BLACKPINK - 'Whistle' by B.I

BLACKPINK's smash hit song 'Whistle,' which brought the group worldwide success, was co-written by B.I. Hopefully, we'll be able to see his talent shine once again, both as a performer and a producer in the near future.

Trouble Maker - 'Trouble Maker' by EXID LE

One of the most popular songs in all of K-Pop was written by EXID's rapper LE. LE is truly underappreciated with respect to her insane arsenal of talents and 'Trouble Maker' is a prime example of the same.

Wanna One - 'Energetic' by PENTAGON Hui

WANNA ONE's representative song 'Energetic' was written by Pentagon's genius, Hui. Hui has written and produced quite a few songs for other idols and artists besides PENTAGON, but 'Energetic' is surely one of his most remarkable works.

EXO - 'Playboy' by SHINee Jonghyun

Jonghyun was not just a songwriter but a magician with his words and a poet with his music. The music he brought to this world is eternal and nothing short of a blessing. EXO's 'Playboy' is just one among many such songs that Jonghyun wrote for other artists, which brought them much more than just fame and popularity. Sleep well, Jonghyun.

  2. EXID
  3. LE
  4. EXO
  5. Gugudan
  6. B.I
  7. IZ*ONE
  8. Pentagon
  9. Hui
  10. SHINee
  11. Jonghyun
  12. Trouble Maker
  13. Ravi
  14. Wanna One
  15. Lee Dae Hwi
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Monday, February 15, 2021

Sleep well indeed, Jonghyun 🙏



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Monday, February 15, 2021


Soyeon for CLC

Baeko for IZ*One

Zico for X1

Bumzu for fromis_9

Kim Jaehwan for Park Jihoon



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