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Lai Kuan Lin accused of lying about lawsuit with Cube Entertainment & alleged bad attitude and behavior


Lai Kuan Lin is facing more controversy.

The former Wanna One member was previously the subject of criticism for smoking and spitting on the street, and one fansite also alleged he was in a romantic relationship, which he denied. On November 25, a Chinese netizen believed to be a former staff member working for Lai Kuan Lin made a number of accusations against the idol star. 

Lai Kuan Lin is currently in a lawsuit with Cube Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract as he argued his parents didn't know the label transferred its management to a third party. However, Cube asserted they had received the consent of both Lai Kuan Lin and his parents. Though the lawsuit is still ongoing, Lai Kuan Lin has since been active in China.

The alleged former staff member wrote on the lawsuit, "I seriously thought he was an acting god when he said he was deceived by a Korean. He lied saying, 'Unfair contract. I was cheated, and I signed.' He created a bad relationship between two companies in two different countries. He also made it so that the company's Chinese artists couldn't get any work in China. He did that, and then he would post on Weibo as if the whole world should feel sorry for him. The one people should feel sorry for is his lawyer. After a few trials, the lawyer then found out the truth. This is the first kid in this industry that I've hated so much."

On Lai Kuan Lin's dating life, the alleged former staff stated, "When he was in a relationship, he went on interviews and said he wanted to marry soon. Before filming, he would come in with hickeys on his neck and chest, so he wore a turtleneck. Everyone in the industry would know this?"

The poster concluded, "He lied to those around him that he was deceived by a Korean person, and he gained sympathy. Why can't Cube Entertainment artists promote in China? The lawsuit against Cube is based on lies. He swindled us thinking Chinese people won't know Korean."

Lai Kuan Lin has also been accused of living with and having a romantic relationship with a female staff member, demanding gifts from fans, having a bad attitude towards staff members, cursing at fans, giving gifts from fans to friends, and more. His lawyer has since released a public statement of their intent to move forward with legal action against those spreading the rumors. 

What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding Lai Kuan Lin?

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claral6,174 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 2
Thursday, November 26, 2020

Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't... maybe he was lying, maybe he wasn't... What is not a maybe is the "timing" these accusations are all coming out...


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yoyo2813,457 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 0
Thursday, November 26, 2020

I love how all these people wait until a celebrity is being harassed or called out to bring this stuff up. Honestly, who knows if it’s true but its about to get pretty ugly for him. It sucks to say but when your fan base turns on you, especially at his age it’s gonna be tough..



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