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Ham So Won is criticized after stating she hesitates to spend money on her daughter


Ham So Won is known to be frugal as she prudently saves money and sparingly spends them. Recently, she was seen being frugal even when spending money for her daughter.

In the episode of TV Chosun's 'Flavor of Wife' that aired on November 10, Ham So Won was seen having a  quarrel with the nanny about Hye Jung's clothing.

On this day, the nanny bought pants for Ham So Won's daughter, Hye Jung. The show's cast was surprised and amazed when they saw the nanny buying clothes for Ham So Won's daughter. They asked if the nanny buys things for Hye Jung, to which Ham So Won replied yes. Ham So Won then replied, "I think she bought new pants because she saw Hye Jung wearing ones that were too tight for her."

In the episode, Han So Won also bought her daughter a pair of shoes. Except the shoes were too big for her daughter. The nanny complained to Ham So Won that the shoes were too big for Hye Jung and that she would fall wearing them.

Ham So Won explained that she felt it was wasteful if her daughter wears the shoes for a year and then doesn't fit her anymore. 

So she decided to buy shoes that were big enough for her daughter to grow into. However, the issue was the shoes were vastly too large for her daughter, Hye Jung, and she couldn't walk comfortably in them.

When seeing the shoes, the panelists on the show criticized that Ham So Won needs to learn how to spend money at least for her daughter and told her to buy shoes that her daughter Hye Jung can wear comfortably.

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sejun-the-great2,575 pts Tuesday, November 10, 2020 0
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Now she's just being stingy. I get what she means with the growing out thing, but she should just get a shoe that is half a size bigger than her daughter's regular shoe size instead. You can't just let her walk around in shoes that are 2-3 sizes too big, then she'll most likely trip on her own feet.



B7S2,347 pts Tuesday, November 10, 2020 0
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

That's not being frugal, that's being stingy. Poor girl.



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