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Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Yoon Seok Joon states there can't be a second BTS because their authenticity cannot be replicated


The CEO of Big Hit Entertainment stated that there can't be a second BTS.

Yoon Seok Joon, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, made the remark on November 2nd during an online lecture on "Entertainment, Media and Sports Business" at Harvard Business School.

This lecture was a class taught by professor Anita Elberse, who is considered to be an expert on media, sports, and entertainment industry research. Professor Elberse used the case report titled "Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-Pop Goes Global" as a textbook for her class.

CEO Yoon Seok Joon had already met with 160 students twice after a suggestion from professor Elberse. She explained the success factors and business strategies of Big Hit Entertainment based on her experience and expertise.

When asked about the sustainability of Big Hit's success, CEO Yoon replied, "There can be no second BTS because the authenticity and identity of BTS cannot be replicated."

He also replied, "Big Hit Entertainment is focusing more on studying the ways of communication needed in this era. We will continue to introduce contents and services that only we can provide by looking ten years into the future."

Professor Elberse and her students were able to exchange various opinions on BTS's success and Big Hit's artist development system with CEO Yoon Seok Joon. The students cited artist-friendly contract terms, artist autonomy, and various profit models based on key content as the distinction of Big Hit Entertainment.

The students pointed out that BTS's fandom 'ARMY' creates their own content and spread it to the people who don't know about BTS. They stated that their fandom is an aspect that cannot be found in any entertainment or sports industry.

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darkangel4525,976 pts Wednesday, November 4, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I'm glad this was stated, some companies and news outlets are trying to promote their new groups as "the next BTS" and that is offensive because there's no such thing. Suga even said this before, there will be no 2nd BTS because you have to find your own color.



wise-quotes2,894 pts Wednesday, November 4, 2020 6
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Yoon Seok Joon oppa is absolutely right🧐... there can't be a second BTS!!! BTS did the impossible... SM, YG, JYP tried multiple times but failed miserably... it's time for y'all to accept it...👈 Fifty years from now BTS will be remembered as the Beatles of this era... on the other hand the remaining kpop groups aka *kpop leftovers* will not even come up in the search engine ahahahaha🤭 they will just dive into the ocean of oblivion...🤓 just like the rest of us...

BTS is a whole different story... they paved the way... BTS power is unmatched👑 BTS are music gods and will be remembered as such PERIOD🧐


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