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EXO's Kai talks about fashion, friendship with Taemin, his fans, and passions in the October Edition of Esquire Magazine


Kai, known to his fans by the nickname "Center Master", adorned the cover of the 25th-anniversary magazine for Esquire Magazine.

Esquire Magazine featured EXO member Kai in the coming October Edition. Including a full pictorial, the magazine also features a full interview with the artist.

It has been four years. You have done various works within the last four years. How were the four years looking back?

It's already been four years? What did I do within four years...I think there was a lot of work. I promoted with EXO and there was a new unit group named SuperM that formed. I am also preparing for a solo album. There was a lot of work and I did a lot of things within the long time frame but I think my heart is the same now and four years ago. I'm still happy and things are still fun.

You were on the list of 'the world's top ten fashionable people'. Is there your own philosophy or principles when it comes to fashion?

I think fashion is a way to see a person's personality or their thoughts. Of course, you can tell how a person can be through interior design or cars but I think the easiest way to express yourself and show people who you are through fashion. It's directly related. I think fashion is the simplest and most awesome way to express oneself.

What is the style that you personally prefer?

I like basic things. For example, if I am to wear clothes from Gucci, I prefer clothes that you can't recognize it's Gucci until you take a closer look. Also, you can wear such clothes for a longer time. I also like pleasantly clothes that look good at any time and on anything.

Were the clothes you work too flamboyant?

I think it's good for clothes to be different from everyday clothes and be flamboyant for pictorials or for performances on stage. I believe it's important to dress up for the occasion and situation.

You usually were at the center of the stage for EXO performances. So fans gave you the name "Center Master".

Oh, I think I'm at the center because I'm the main dancer not because I'm the master at being at the center of anything. I think the fans thought that way because I stand out more since I'm at the center. I should diligently adorn the center as long as I'm permitted in the future as well.

Wasn't it overwhelming at times to be at the center? Since you would need to put more effort to dance even if you don't feel good.

If I say I don't feel overwhelmed, I would be lying. There are songs that are difficult to maintain the energy but I need to put in more energy so it's easier for the members. But each member as their own roles in a group. So my members can rest a little while I stand at the center, when I'm not at the center, the other members can show off. There are times that it's hard but my members fill in the parts I can't do. I think EXO is a group that the members each fill in each other's shortcomings.

There are other nicknames other than "Center Master" that the fans have given you. Is there one that is your favorite?

I like 'Bear'. It's a nickname given to me since fans say I'm like a bear. I like that one the best. But recently, there was a new nickname given to me that I'm a little bit at a loss.

What is it?

It's called 'Panty Oppa (Panty: Underwear, Oppa: Older Brother - used by females when calling a male who is older).'

Oh, that one. That's the nickname you got from the game on 'Ask Anything' show right?

Yes. At first, I didn't like that nickname but then a lot of people became familiar with it and felt closer to me. Now it's just funny and I like it.

That video surpassed 20 million views. Did you ever think that video would go viral at that time?

No. I always thought that was a funny situation but I never thought it would be so viral. I laughed a lot while watching it as well and my mother likes that video too. My friends always tell me I'm the funniest out of our friends. I think everyone was able to see that side of me thanks to that video.

We can't leave out dancing when we're talking about Kai. You were dancing in between the takes and during break times.
I liked dancing ever since I was young. According to my father, I would always go dancing whether it rains or snows. I would go dancing on my days off. When I was in school, my friends would record me dancing on the streets. 

There's a lot of comments that your dancing is beautiful. It's easy to mess up if you're nervous. How you do control your mindset?

It differs from time to time. I think I pay more attention to my emotions from the vibe of the song rather than controlling my mindset. I don't like dancing too biased to one genre. I think one of my strong points is that I am able to take on various genres when dancing. I can adjust to the concept of the song and I can also dance to hip-hop or even lyrical music.

You're well known to be best friends with Taemin from the same SM Entertainment. This is the first time working with him through Super M, is there a difference when being part of different groups?

Taemin and I were the only trainees at our age when we were both trainees. We both loved dancing so I think we naturally became close. We didn't have any point of contact when we were working before. We met at the company from time to time but we didn't talk much about work. Now that we're working together, we talk more about work. I feel there's a lot that I didn't know about Taemin even if I knew him for ten years.

You can read the full interview in the 25th anniversary Esquire magazine that will be published in October.

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intothewoodz96 pts Monday, September 21, 2020 0
Monday, September 21, 2020

kai did more in 4 years than most will do in a whole lifetime

i'm so proud of him. he's not just a person, he's a whole phenomenon



Namieshi714 pts Monday, September 21, 2020 0
Monday, September 21, 2020

Kai: I feel there's a lot that I didn't know about Taemin even if I knew him for ten years.

OMO I though you know him 200 % , LOL😁 But live it's like this; you never finish to know people, but I am happy that they have this opportunity to work together, Taekai friendship forever♥



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