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FNC Entertainment releases official statement regarding former AOA member Mina's social media claims


FNC Entertainment has apologized for the recent incident between the AOA members and former member Mina, wishing her a speedy recovery.

Through a statement released by the agency on August 9 KST, the agency explained, "We are truly sorry to have caused so much worry with all of these unfortunate actions in relation to AOA, and we apologize for the many worries and inconveniences that we have caused. More than anything, we apologize to Kwon Mina, who is having a hard time, and hope she speedily recovers her health."

Further, the agency also deeply apologized for not releasing a statement regarding the issue earlier, nor looking at the relationships between members more closely.

"We hesitated several times over the clear delivery of our position, and the members have also been frustrated with the criticism and misunderstanding. We have been well aware of the situation in which there was criticism against us and our members, and while we have been contemplated over our position, the most important thing is the recover of Kwon Mina's health,"
they continued.

"Through this process, we decided that publicly explaining, refuting, and making public arguments between what is right and wrong would only produce provocative issues and not help solve the situation, and we would also dissuade the individual AOA members from posting on the issue. We concluded that it is not a way to resolve the situation, with each person's words openly spread out in public and quarreling over those words,"
they added.

"Kwon Mina recently asked our representatives about [former AOA leader] Shin Jimin's future activities, but we did not answer because Jimin already had no intention of continuing activities as an entertainer and told us that she wanted to live as an ordinary person, so we did not want to unnecessarily mention it again," the representative explained.

FNC Entertainment then went on to acknowledge the claims Mina had made on social media regarding payment, insisting that they have been abiding by industry standards and vowing that they will fulfill their legal responsibilities in the event of any labor issues.

"We once again sincerely hope that Kwon Mina will recover her health as soon as possible, and we will try to resolve the issue smoothly. We ask for your support and encouragement so she can return to her healthy self,"
they concluded.

Meanwhile, Mina's current agency Woori Actors has stated that she is currently pending release from the hospital after having allegedly attempted suicide on the night of August 8.

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venoa2,024 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 4
Sunday, August 9, 2020

I think it's time for the company, the members and Mina to settle this matter in a private and legal framework. The facts are already serious enough, there is no need for all those not concerned to start adding their two cents...Hoping that it all ends with a beautiful ending !


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jthymia280 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 0
Sunday, August 9, 2020

This needs to be settled off social media. Mina might feel like if she involves the public she will have that support she never felt she had... but in doing this she will only hurt herself more and will come to regret some of the things she said and wrote about later which will make her recovery even tougher.

she keeps wanting to know what Jimins doing which at this point is not her concern. She should focus on herself not on someone's else's demise. Its almost scary how single minded she is on taking down jimin...really scary



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